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China Minmetals Corporation Signs Strategic Cooperation Framework Agreement with Yunnan Provincial People's Government
He Wenbo, Guo Wenqing and Chen Hao jointly witness both parties sign the agreement and hold talks
CopyFrom:MCC Date:06 March 2017
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  On the afternoon of March 2nd, a signing ceremony for a strategic cooperation framework agreement between the China Minmetals Corporation and Yunnan Provincial People's Government was held in Beijing. China Minmetals Corporation Chairman and Party Group Secretary He Wenbo, General Manager and Party Group Deputy Secretary Guo Wenqing and Yunnan Provincial Party Committee Secretary and National People's Congress Standing Committee Director Chen Hao jointly attended and witnessed the signing. China Minmetals Chief Accountant and Party Group Member Shen Ling and Yunnan Provincial Standing Party Committee Member and Vice Governor Liu Huiyan signed the agreement on behalf of their respective parties. The ceremony was attended by China Minmetals Deputy General Manager and Party Group Member Li Fuli and Yunnan Provincial Standing Party Committee Member and Provincial Party Committee Secretary General Li Yifei.

  Before the signing ceremony, both parties held talks. He Wenbo welcomed the delegation led by Chen Hao and expressed his thanks for the efforts of the Yunnan Provincial Party Committee and Government in the process of boosting both parties' cooperation since August last year. He then introduced the relevant situations since China Minmetals and MCC first carried out their strategic recombination, and pointed out that the new China Minmetals now possesses an asset scale of RMB 750 billion, managerial financial assets of RMB 800 billion and 240,000 staff members. Its main businesses include the metallurgical mining industry as its core main industry, engineering construction and trade businesses, and multiple main industries including finance and real estate. Moreover, Minmetals Capital holds all financial licenses. China Minmetals and Yunnan Province have obtained good progress in their cooperation in such fields as nonferrous metals, engineering construction and financial business; in the next step, their cooperation fields will become broader and their cooperation prospects brighter. He said that China Minmetals will greatly advance the relevant work according to the framework agreement. He then introduced the related situations of China Minmetals developing poverty relief work in Yunnan Province and emphasized that poverty relief work is the responsibility of a central enterprise, and China Minmetals will provide power and support for Yunnan Province to realize its target of overcoming poverty in 2020.

  Guo Wenqing then introduced the business development of China Minmetals and MCC, pointing out that China Minmetals is a government capital investment company approved by the State Council, which assumes the responsibility of being the guarantor of China’s metallic ore resource safety. MCC applies itself to being the ‘national team of metallurgical construction, the main force of capital construction and the pacesetter of emerging industries, insisting on taking a road of high-tech construction in the long term’. After the recombination, the new China Minmetals has an all-round industrial chain embracing mine acquisition, reconnaissance, design, construction, mining, beneficiation, smelting, logistics and trade, endeavoring to create an RMB 100 billion internal market so as to ensure reduced operational risks, lower trade cost and better enterprise revenue. He then introduced the basic information of the Corporation's projects and fields including global trade, the construction of the Shanghai Disney Resort, Beijing Universal Studios, expressways in Guizhou and Inner Mongolia, comprehensive pipe galleries, specialty towns and beautiful villages, and pointed out that MCC's establishment of the MCC South Asia Company was carried out for MCC to stand in Yunnan and face South Asia in the infrastructure construction field. He hopes that both parties will carry out wide cooperation in such fields as metallic ore, rail transit, expressways, specialty towns and beautiful villages.

  Chen Hao extended his gratitude for the warm reception of He Wenbo and Guo Wenqing and the long-term support that Yunnan Province has given China Minmetals. He then quoted from a speech that General Secretary Xi Jinping gave when he inspected Yunnan and explained Yunnan’s development concept of ‘advantages lie in the location and the outlet lies in opening-up’. He pointed out that Yunnan is now in an important development stage. It is voluntarily serving and being infused into national development strategies, especially ‘One Belt and One Road’, Pan-Pearl River Delta Economic Zone, Bangladesh-China-India-Myanmar Economic Corridor and so on, applying itself to open up a road of ‘leap forward’ development, and striving to become a demonstration zone of national unity and progress, the bellwether of ecological civilization construction and a radial center facing South and Southeast Asia. He expressed that China Minmetals is a domestically famous central enterprise, and Yunnan Province is willing to develop broader cooperation. He hopes that China Minmetals will march towards Yunnan in full, develop wide cooperation in such fields as metal mining, international trade, infrastructure construction, specialty towns and beautiful villages, and help Yunnan to achieve ‘leap forward’ development.

  At the meeting, both parties held an exchange concerning basic cooperation information in such fields as financial business, nonferrous metal resource development and capital construction, as well as issues that require further coordination and cooperation prospects.

  At the signing ceremony, Shen Ling and Liu Huiyan signed a strategic cooperation framework agreement on behalf of the company and the Yunnan Provincial People's Government respectively. China Minmetals Assistant General Manager and Minmetals Capital General Manager Ren Zhufeng and Yunnan Investment Group Chairman Sun Yun signed a separate strategic cooperation framework agreement on behalf of Minmetals Capital and the Yunnan Investment Group. The ceremony was hosted by China Minmetals Party Group Office Director and Chairman Office Director Zhang Ye.

  The above activities were attended by related personnel of the Yunnan Provincial Party Committee and Government and Yunnan Investment Group including Ma Wenliang, Chen Zhiguo, Chen Yunsheng, Ruan Fengbin and Jiang Hua, and related personnel of the departments of China Minmetals’ Headquarters, MCC, Minmetals Capital and Minmetals Exploration Company including Zhang Mengxing, Wang Jionghui, Xue Fei, Wang Wenhai, Peng Peng, Xu Bing and Gao Hongfei.