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2022 MCC & China MCC Working Conference on Domestic Marketing Held in Beijing
CopyFrom: Date:21 April 2022
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  On the afternoon of April 20, the 2022 MCC & China MCC Working Conference on Domestic Marketing was held in Beijing both offline and via video. The meeting comprehensively summarized the domestic marketing work in 2021, and assigned the domestic marketing tasks in 2022, further unifying thoughts, uniting forces, and laying a solid foundation for the realization of the annual marketing indicators and the improvement of development quality. Chen Jianguang, Deputy General Manager and Member of the Party Leadership Group of China Minmetals, Chairman of MCC and China MCC, and Secretary of the CPC Committee of MCC, attended and addressed the meeting; Zhang Mengxing, Deputy Secretary of the Party Committee of MCC and Secretary of the Party Committee and President of China MCC, presided over the meeting and delivered a concluding speech; Zhu Guangxia, Member of the Standing Committee of the Party Committee of MCC and China MCC and Vice President of China MCC, gave a work report.

  Chen Jianguang delivered a speech entitled "Free Our Mind and Innovate to Fully Open a New High-Quality Marketing Development Journey for MCC". He fully affirmed the excellent achievements of MCC in market development in the past few years, pointed out the existing short slabs and weak links of the marketing work, scientifically analyzed the situation facing the external market, clarified the next working ideas and measures, and pointed out a direction and a path for the market development work of MCC.

  Chen Jianguang, first of all, accurately analyzed and grasped the current market development situation and future development direction from the three aspects of "grasping the macroeconomic situation, recognizing the industry development pattern and clarifying the main direction of marketing". From the perspective of the macroeconomic situation, the coordinated efforts of traditional infrastructure and new infrastructure are an important underpinner for the current steady growth. The real estate policy has shown positive signals, and the national support for steady growth and steady investment is further increasing, at a significantly faster rate than in previous years. From the perspective of industry development patterns, the "Indian summer" of metallurgical construction is drawing to a close. Instead, total quantity control and green and low-carbon development have become a new keynote for the development of the steel industry; the real estate industry will gradually change from an incremental mode to a stock mode; in the infrastructure construction field, the national investment in railways, urban rails, and highways grows at a slower rate, but the investment in comprehensive transportation and "big transportation" hub planning is still in full swing. Rail transit, underground space, ecological protection and telecommunication facilities are expected to become the fastest-growing areas. From the perspective of the main direction of marketing, metallurgical construction, housing construction and infrastructure construction have become the three pillars of the current business development of MCC, which have strongly supported the rapid growth of the group in recent years. In the next 3-5 years, the infrastructure market will become an important means for the group to expand the market and continue to maintain moderate growth.

  Chen Jianguang pointed out that to seize market opportunities and build a business structure adapted to the market, it is necessary to improve the metallurgical business, improve housing construction business, and improve infrastructure construction business. The "three improves" is the target and direction for MCC’s future marketing work, and also a working idea to upgrade the work. To achieve the "three improves", we must work hard in five aspects. First, the marketing work should be re-understood. MCC should be a vanguard and advance guard of high-quality development, a practitioner of compliance, and also a forward position of risk prevention. Second, the marketing concept should be updated. MCC should establish the concept of "mega marketing" and "achieving market recycling via construction sites", do a good job of "two focuses", pay attention to the linkage between two marketings, and effectively improve the contract conversion rate. Third, the marketing system should be re-optimized. MCC should, through the establishment and improvement of incentive and restraint mechanisms and a four-level marketing system, continue to optimize the market layout, strengthen the construction of the marketing team and optimize the key accounts maintenance mechanism. Fourth, the marketing model should be re-innovated. We should continue to optimize the investment- and financing-driven general contracting mode, use new business models to help develop new fields, and build platforms to integrate advantages and contribute to the contracting of large projects. Fifth, "one post, two duties" should be re-implemented. We should earnestly practice "one post, two duties" for Party building, production safety, and COVID-19 pandemic prevention and control.

  As Chen Jianguang stressed, in face of heavy production and operation tasks, a tough COVID-19 pandemic prevention and control situation and a tough safety production situation, the whole staff of MCC should be determined, perseverant open-minded, and innovative to earnestly do work about "Growth Stabilizing, Anti-epidemic and Safety Maintaining", drive the high-quality development of MCC onto a higher level with high-quality marketing, and honestly serve as a good "stabilizer" and "ballast" for the vision of “mining serves and empowers the country” of China Minmetals, to embrace the 20th National Congress of the CPC with outstanding results.

  Zhang Mengxing pointed out that this meeting is the largest-scale marketing work meeting of MCC since 2013, and also an important meeting held in the most critical period for MCC’s development in the new stage. The situation is both exciting and worrying. Anyway, opportunities are more than challenges. Enterprises still have huge room for growth. We should keep a cool head and fully realize that marketing should emphasize both "quality" and "quantity". And an increasingly heavy task is a new challenge for us at the current stage. In face of challenges, we should proceed with confidence and adhere to four principles: putting marketing at the first place-- leaders manage the acquired market, and subordinates expand the market; following the market development principle of “herding sheep where grasses grow, and casting a net where fish flock”; focusing on hot regions, key accounts and high-quality customers, and implementing the “1+M+N” strategic layout; carrying out the special action to improve marketing quality in accordance with "seven prohibited items" and "eight rejected items". New achievements are expected for a new stage. We should never be satisfied, and climb higher mountains. The “three improves” and “five ‘re-’s” proposed by Chairman Chen feature a high stance, new ideas, and substantial initiatives. They are the fundamental rules for the future marketing work of MCC. We should deeply understand it, seriously study it and earnestly implement it. The five subsidiaries summarized, introduced and shared their experience in their speeches. It is worth learning from all the participants. We should learn from each other and promote each other, strive to complete the annual budget target on the basis of a good start, and try to promote the marketing work of MCC to a higher level.

  Zhu Guangxia gave a work report entitled “Be Determined and Move Steadily Forward to Achieve New Results of MCC’s High-Quality Marketing”. He reported the achievements and deficiencies in market development of 2021, analyzed the opportunities and challenges of the current domestic market, and followed the working idea of stabilizing growth, realizing KPIs and improving quality to arrange for the marketing work of the year 2022 from five aspects. First, be determined to ensure a steady scale improvement. It is important to raise the awareness of development, strengthen goal orientation, and increase marketing efforts. Second, adopt a region-based strategy to constantly increase the market share. It is important to consolidate the headquarters as a base area, defend regional battle positions, and open up regional new battlefields. Third, take a combination of measures to improve the quality of orders. It is important to build high-end platforms and focus on quality projects; optimize the business structure and deploy quality racing tracks; strengthen bottom-line thinking and consolidate the development foundation; strengthen risk prevention and control, and strictly manage project access; strengthen quantitative assessment, and implement special actions. Fourth, improve the system to effectively improve the marketing ability. It is important to perfect the marketing system, improve the public investment capacity, steadily innovate the model, strengthen the team building, and improve the incentive mechanism. Fifth, strengthen coordination to safeguard the overall interests of the group. It is important to consolidate our awareness of big picture, adhere to rigid coordination, expand the scope of coordination, encourage autonomous coordination, and strengthen system operations.

  At the meeting, five subsidiaries-- CISDI, WISDRI, China MCC5 Group, MCC17 and Shanghai Baoye-- exchanged their experience.

  Leaders of MCC and China MCC, Qu Yang and Zeng Jianzhong; General Manager Assistant Fan Wanzhu, General Counsel Yang Jingzhou, and main principals of the relevant functional departments of the headquarters; main principals of MCC19, MCC CCB Investment Fund Management (Beijing) Company Limited, and MCC Eco-Environmental Protection Group attended the meeting at the main venue. The persons in charge of domestic marketing, investment and financing business of the subsidiaries in the MCC Tower attended the meeting at the branch venue. Main principals of relevant subsidiaries of MCC and China MCC, leadership members in charge of marketing, investment and financing business, and heads of relevant departments attended the meeting via video.

Chen Jianguang delivers a speech


Zhang Zhaoxiang presides over the meeting and gives a concluding speech


 Zhu Guangxia gives a marketing work report

The main venue of the conference