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Chen Jianguang Investigates Shanghai Baoye Project of Business Center in Gaoliying Town, Shunyi District, Beijing.
CopyFrom: Date:16 April 2022
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  On the afternoon of April 15, Chen Jianguang, Deputy General Manager and Member of the Party Leadership Group of China Minmetals, Secretary of the CPC Committee of MCC, and Chairman of MCC and China MCC, investigated the work of Shanghai Baoye Project of Business Center in Gaoliying Town, Shunyi District, Beijing, in a way of "Four Nos and Two Directness". Chen Jianguang went to the construction site to supervise and inspect the progress of construction, work safety and epidemic prevention and control measures. He recognized the construction achievements of the project and put forward six specific requirements for project management.

  First, hold a higher political stance and attach great importance to work safety. In-depth learning of General Secretary Xi Jinping's instructions on work safety should be carried out with a high sense of political responsibility; work safety should be ensured strictly and carefully with the most resolute attitude, the strictest requirements and the most solid measures, to resolutely prevent and contain the occurrence of major accidents, and create a positive environment of safety and stability to secure the smooth convocation of 20th National Congress of the Communist Party of China.

  Second, continuously optimize the employment mode and conduct identity verification in key posts. Standardized management should be strengthened and human resource structure be optimized, particularly with identity verification being conducted in key posts. Works on transferring dispatched workers into regular workers should be further advanced, especially for those front-line employees, so as to turn the first-line dispatched workers with outstanding performance and excellent skills into formal employees, enhance their sense of belonging, and mobilize their enthusiasm for work.

  Third, promote the standardization of work safety and improve the level of project safety management. Management systems for work safety should all be put into place to ensure the comprehensive investigation of safety loopholes for projects under construction and solid implementation of risk management and standardization for work safety. Professional testing units should be organized to thoroughly review the condition of large machinery such as tower cranes, with control efforts focusing on cross work areas during operations.

  Fourth, strengthen the management of major dangerous projects and achieve process monitoring. Deep foundation pits and tunnel projects are areas with a high incidence of safety accidents. As the general contractor of construction, we have greater management responsibilities, and we must have a deep understanding and precise grasp of this. The safety and environmental protection department of the group should set up a supervision and inspection mechanism according to the review list of deep excavations and tunnelling projects, and eliminate potential accidents by strengthening daily inspection.

  Fifth, safety technical disclosure should be strengthened to improve the pertinence and effectiveness of work. Works on safety technical disclosure should be done to strengthen workers' safety awareness and improve their ability to identify operational risks. The level of safety management of the project should be improved through intelligent and information-based means.

  Sixth, on-site quality management should be carried out in detail to strengthen control over each process. On-site quality management should be carried out under high standards and strict requirements, with extra attention being paid to quality control, especially the control of important processes such as construction and tamping of backfill and wall bushing protection; scientific management and meticulous construction should be achieved to strive for awards and excellence.

  Wang Zirui, Security Director and Minister of the Safety and Environmental Protection Division of MCC, Zuo Zhiquan, Head of Engineering Construction and Management Department of MCC, and relevant leaders of Shanghai Baoye Beijing Branch, accompanied the inspection.

Chen Jianguang asks about the construction of the project on site

Chen Jianguang asks about the proportion of formal and dispatching employees on site

Chen Jianguang delivers a speech

Scene of the conference

Chen Jianguang inspects the hoisting of large machinery on site

Chen Jianguang inspects the construction quality of reinforcement on site

Chen Jianguang inspects safety of deep excavations on site

Chen Jianguang inspects the normalization of epidemic prevention and control in the office area