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MCC Holds a Summing-up Meeting on the Progress of the Construction of the Project Management and Control Main Platform in 2018
CopyFrom: Date:08 January 2019
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  On December 25, 2018, Wang Shilei, Deputy Secretary of Party Committee and Vice President of MCC, hosted a summing-up meeting on the progress of the construction of the project management and control main platform in 2018 to review the working experience and practices of the platform construction in 2018, analyze and study existing problems and deficiencies, as well as arrange the deploy the progress work plan in 2019. Zeng Jianzhong, member of Standing Committee of Party Committee and Vice President of MCC, attended the meeting and delivered a speech.

  At the meeting, the Engineering Construction Management Department gave a brief report on the progress of the construction of the project management and control platform in 2018. The relevant departments of the headquarters reported on the progress of the platform construction related work in combination with their responsibilities, and put forward suggestions for the platform construction progress work plan in 2019.

  After listening to the report, Wang Shilei highly affirmed the work carried out by various departments and summarized the platform construction work of this year as the following four characteristics:

  First, the promotion of the Group's main leaders. It has laid a solid ideological foundation for promoting the construction of the main platform and provided a systematic strategic reassurance.

  Second, the active response of various relevant subsidiaries. Through systematic publicity and unity of thinking, various relevant subsidiaries were highly aware of the importance and urgency of the construction of the project management and control platform and set up leading groups and working agencies led by the main leaders to study and formulate the implementation plan for orderly progress under the Group's guidance and combined with their own actual situation.

  Third, the assistance of various functional departments of the headquarters. Over the past year, under the leadership of the Group, various relevant departments have made careful planning, scientific organization, strict implementation and orderly progress to devote a lot of energy to, actively participate in and cooperatively push forward various links such as the formulation of guidance, the approval of subsidiaries' plans, the inspection and guidance of the platform construction process, and the support for specific business and services, strongly promoting the platform construction work and achieving good results.

  Fourth, the remarkable results of the work pushed forward step by step and linked with each other. From the start of the work in 2017 to the implementation of the comprehensive supervision and full coverage inspection in 2018, the organizational planning links were linked with each other and the inspection was progressed step by step. The leaders and employees of all subsidiaries also generally reflect that the Group has been holding fast to this key work with firm attitude and unprecedented strength. Over the past year, the construction of the project management and control platform has achieved remarkable results, and all subsidiaries have basically achieved internal centralized control in project management human resources. The centralized purchasing amount of bulk materials and equipment has increased from 80 billion last year to more than 120 billion this year. The subsidiaries have greatly strengthened their awareness of seeking excellence and achieved the best results in history in winning awards for excellence, greatly improving the enterprise image.

  Wang Shilei pointed out that there were still four problems needed to be solved urgently during the implementation of the platform construction:

  First, the unbalanced development. The ideological obstruction restricting the platform construction has not been completely eliminated, and the progress in various subsidiaries is unbalanced, such as the south-north differences and the east-west differences between construction enterprises, and the management ideas difference between design enterprises and scientific research enterprises. Some enterprises have dated management ideas that have not yet caught up with the pace of reform and development.

  Second, the framework of the project management and control platform has been built, but the "two layers of skin" phenomenon still exists. The management system and institutional system at the subsidiaries level have been basically completed, but some enterprises are to deal with the inspection and still persist their old ways at the project level and top-heavy management, not putting the requirements for the construction of the main platform into practice.

  Third, the supporting policies need to be improved urgently. The project supporting policies such as allocation policy and assessment policy shall follow up as soon as possible to fully stimulate the project managers' enthusiasm and enhance their sense of responsibility.

  Fourth, the restriction of human resources. With the rapid development of businesses, project management talents, especially high-end talents, are still in short supply.

  Wang Shilei put forward six requirements on the next work of the construction of the main platform:

  First, further improve our ideological understanding. The full implementation of project platform management and control is a management revolution to rebuild management modes and redistribute resources benefits, therefore, we should fully understand the long-term and arduous nature of this work and fully implement the spirit of a series of important speeches from Chairman Guo Wenqing, Secretary Zhang Zhaoxiang and President Zhang Mengxing on the main platform to hold fast to it for a long time.

  Second, study and establish an enterprise management framework suitable for MCC. We should make fully investigation to promote the continuous optimization and improvement of the enterprise organization and management framework combined with the actual management situation and business characteristics.

  Third, standardize the management framework of various subsidiaries' project department. Various subsidiaries shall formulate a unified and standardized project department management framework according to the classification of survey, design and construction businesses in accordance with the requirements of platform management and control and combined with their business characteristics.

  Fourth, actively promote project management standardization. Use standardized management forms to put all systems into practice and standardized management processes to standardize various management work.

  Fifth, give feedback on the construction of the project management and control main platform. Focus on the weak links and difficult enterprises in the construction of the main platform and pay close attention. Combine with the progress of major projects and exchange and observation activities to organize exchange and study on platform construction. Ensure the full completion and smooth operation of the project management and control main platform.

  Sixth, always hold fast to Party building work. As a state-owned enterprise, it is our biggest political task to improve Party building work. While ensuring the high-quality development of our enterprises, we should strengthen Party discipline, shoulder the responsibility of a central enterprise and be responsible for the Party. We should further strengthen the Party building work of the project to let each Party member play the exemplary leading role and become a banner on the front line of the construction site.

  After listening to the report, Vice President Zeng Jianzhong pointed out:

  First, various subsidiaries should strengthen their understanding of the importance of platform construction. Change "I’m asked to do" to "I want to do". They should enhance self-awareness, not relying on inspection or other external factors, otherwise they are passive.

  Second, the headquarters should strengthen the service assistance to its subsidiaries. The headquarters should give classified, focused and targeted help and guidance to solve the problems of unbalanced development and inadequate management platform of various subsidiaries, and more focus and support the less developed enterprises.

  Third, we should fully understand that the construction of the project management and control main platform is not a temporary work, but a long-term and systematic work.

  Fourth, we should attach importance to the cultivation of project management talents. We should strengthen talents training and cultivation. Various subsidiaries should carry out training according to their own needs and formulate training and use plans for high-end project management talents.

  Fifth, implement the project management and control main platform in 2019. The platform should be used well after it is well built, and should be strongly implemented according to the platform management and control.

  The department heads, such as Yue Wenyan, Deputy Chief Engineer of MCC, Liu Yushan, Minister of Engineering Construction Management Department, Qu Haiyan, Minister of Human Resources Department, Guo Gang, Minister of Information Management Department, Zhang Yin, Deputy Minister of Financing Plan Department, Gao Ling, Deputy Minister of Enterprise Strategy and Management Innovation Department, Li Yongkang, Deputy Minister of Safety, Quality and Environmental Protection Department, Qian Hongtao, Director of Bidding and Procurement Management Center, and Wang Xin, Deputy Director of Funds Department, and relevant personnel attended the meeting.


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