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Three Expressways Completed by MCC Guizhou Company One Year Ahead of Time
CopyFrom: Date:02 January 2019
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  On December 31, MCC completed the construction and delivery acceptance of three PPP model highways, namely Sanli, Sanshi and Ziwang, a year ahead of time through 2-year construction. They were with the largest investment among other MCC projects and the first to be built in Guizhou, covering a length of 127 km.

  Sanli, Sanshi and Ziwang highways cover a total length of 194.6 km with an investment of RMB 25.212 billion. 140.5 km of the total length was constructed by MCC, involving 133 bridges and 22 double-track tunnels. The length of those bridges and tunnels was 57 km. The three highways are the key project of Guizhou's 13th Five-Year Plan for transportation and Guizhou's first project to adopt the PPP model in highway construction. Through their construction, central enterprises and local ones in Guizhou cooperated on establishing large-scale transportation within the province. Besides, they were with the largest investment and volume compared with other MCC's projects and a "bridgehead" for MCC's transformation and upgrading in the capital construction field, undertaking the political responsibility to help 3 autonomous prefectures and 6 poor counties in Guizhou overcome poverty and achieve prosperity. Some sections of the three highways were completed a year ahead of schedule, offering more time for 61 counties, over 30 minorities and 290,000 people along them to fully overcome poverty and enter the well-off society synchronously by 2020 and laying a solid traffic network as support. Those highways can promote local tourism, industries, commerce and trade as well as help local citizens overcome poverty, achieve prosperity and step into the well-off society.

  Since early 2016, confronted with the precipitous topography, extremely complex geology, severe environment and challenging tasks and under the overall management of MCC Guizhou Company, participation units, including MCC Tiangong Group, MCC Communication Construction group, China Metallurgical Construction Engineering Group, China First Metallurgical Construction Group, China MCC5 Group, China MCC17 Group and China 19th Metallurgical Corporation, strengthened mutual cooperation and overcame difficulties in ensuring safety, controlling the quality, finishing the construction on time and with efficiency, protecting the environment, handling frequent geological disasters and lacking professional workers. Relevant personnel with fortitude and the craftsmanship spirit of keeping improving to pursue perfection successfully coped with hundreds of large and medium-sized karst caves as well as water and mud gushing for over 20 times through their hard work and wisdom, overcoming difficulties and natural barriers and performing a marvel of in-advance completion. Confronted with steep mountains or high piers on the cliff, constructors strictly implemented a scientific idea that lucid waters and lush mountains are invaluable assets, actively promoted BIM technology, carried out the engineering simulation for high pliers, large-span sections and other sections based on Guizhou's big data platform and built highways to promote the ecology, poverty reduction and tourism in a mountainous region with the help of technologies.

  The total length of Huohuate Bridge is 4,075 m and it is the longest large-span bridge with the largest number of high piers under construction in Guizhou. There are 46 high piers with a height over 60 m, among which the tallest one is 107.5 m high, and 80% of the pile foundation are underwater. Nayang Bridge is the first example for MCC to adopt the cantilever assembly and steel arch on construction. Its piers are 93 m tall and different crafts were utilized in the construction of its left and right sides. During the construction of Ziyun Tunnel, 32 varieties of surrounding rock were discovered and constructors confronted a 54,000- m³karst cave while building Daping Tunnel. Through investing in and constructing those three highways in Guizhou, MCC has gained experience in constructing and managing highways, high bridges and tunnels as well as building tunnels in regions with complex geological conditions, made new breakthroughs and attempted to construct the large-span bridge on China's longest mountain highway and utilize cantilever assembly and steel arch on bridge construction. As a result, those achievements helped MCC built a new image in the transportation construction field and win a good reputation as well as the bid of Nayong-Qinglong and Liuzhi-Anlong Highway PPP project in Guizhou.

  It is reported that confronted with the new project of alleviating poverty and overcoming difficulties, MCC Guizhou Company and other participation units proactively shouldered the responsibility for poverty alleviation, researched new measures, implemented new tasks of poverty alleviation and explored new ways for harmonious and common development. It widened and renovated existing roads covering over 130 km, built 60-km new gravel roads, renovated 90-km cement roads and aided in construction of 16-km local roads connecting different village sections for local people. Additionally, it provided over 260 sets of machinery equipment, volunteered to clear out 70 road sections, offered free technical consultation on 6.74-km roads connecting different sections of Xinhe Village, Shitun Town, Wangmo County, free training for relevant workers and free construction management for the village, promoting the joint construction of the road and ground as well as poverty alleviation.