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The Inauguration Ceremony of MCC (Shanghai) Steel Structure Technology Co., Ltd. Held in Shanghai
Zhang Mengxing and Wang Hong Unveiled the New Company
CopyFrom: Date:20 November 2018
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  On November 19, the inauguration ceremony of MCC (Shanghai) Steel Structure Technology Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "MCC (Shanghai) Steel Structure") was held in Shanghai. Zhang Mengxing, Deputy Party Secretary and President of MCC Group, and Wang Hong, Secretary of Baoshan District Committee, Shanghai, unveiled MCC (Shanghai) Steel Structure. Wang Shilei, Deputy Party Secretary and Deputy President of MCC Group, delivered a speech on behalf of MCC Group.

  A total of 100-plus people were present at the ceremony, including Su Ping, a member of the Standing Committee and Deputy District Mayor of Baoshan District, Shanghai, Wang Yiqun, Deputy District Mayor of Baoshan District, Yue Qingrui, Academician of the CAS and President of China Steel Construction Society, Hao Jiping, a member of the National Committee of CPPCC and President of China Construction Metal Structure Association, Zhang Lixin, President of Shanghai Metal Construction Association, relevant department leaders of Baoshan District Government, Luodian Town, and Yanghang Town, responsible persons of functional departments from headquarters of MCC Group, major leaders of subsidiaries of MCC Group, responsible persons of steel structure business, and responsible persons of relevant departments. Gao Ling, Deputy Head of the Enterprise Management Department of MCC Group, presided over the ceremony.

  In his speech, Wang Shilei pointed out that MCC Group is among the pioneers that first engaged in steel structure business in China and blazed a trail in China's steel structure industry. It has undertaken all metallurgical engineering construction projects in China in earlier years, represented by those of Ansteel, WISCO, and Baosteel, thus delivering remarkable achievements in China's steel industry. With rapid economic development, the business scope of MCC Steel Structure has shifted from metallurgy to large public buildings and municipal facilities. It has undertaken a host of national landmark projects, such as the Bird's Nest of Beijing Olympics, the basketball gym of Guangzhou Asian Games, main stadium of Universiade Shenzhen, bobsleigh and sleigh of Beijing Winter Olympics, alpine skiing, theme hall of Shanghai World Expo, Beijing Yanqi Lake International Convention and Exhibition Center, National Exhibition and Convention Center (Shanghai), Harbin Opera House, Tomorrowland (Shanghai Disneyland), Guangzhou Baiyun International Airport, Shanghai Hongqiao High-speed Railway Hub, Zhuhai Center Tower, and Nanjing Golden Eagle Plaza. MCC Steel Structure has erected a "steel backbone" underpinned by steel structure, consisting of stadiums, exhibition centers, large theaters, and super-high buildings. As such, it has reaped 130-plus national awards, such as Luban Prize, Zhan Tianyou Prize, and China Steel Structure Gold Award.

  Wang Shilei said that the industrial integration of MCC Steel Structure happened at a great historical juncture of the 40th anniversary of China's reform and opening up, and was guided by the development concept "Innovation, Coordination, Green Development, Openness, and Sharing", thus existing as a profound change crucial to the overall development of MCC Group. Taking roots in Shanghai, MCC Steel Structure will work to build a science and technology innovation center, and get integrated into the industrial layout of Baoshan District, namely "One Belt, Three Lines, and Five Parks". It will shape a world-class "MCC Steel Structure" brand, and offer strong momentum for the quality development of MCC Group's high technology. It will power the healthy development of China's steel structure industry, and contribute wisdom and strength to the urban development of Baoshan District and the whole Shanghai City.

  You Zhiwen, Chairman of MCC (Shanghai) Steel Structure, said that MCC (Shanghai) Steel Structure, represented by Baoye Steel Structure, has shaped a host of leading brands in China with strenuous efforts. In 2017, it ranked the 4th in the industry in terms of comprehensive strength. From the high starting point, in the future, MCC (Shanghai) Steel Structure will follow high standards with top-notch technology to secure quality development. With joint efforts towards the same goal, it will work to realize synergy effect. He said that as long as the staff cherish great ambition, unite as one, and work to tackle all difficulties while following the strategic positioning of MCC Group "Being committed to a quality development path powered by hi-tech" and inspired by the spirit of MCC Group "No work should be delayed for even one day" and guided by local governments and associations and supported by leaders of MCC Group and shareholders, especially big shareholder Shanghai Baoye, MCC (Shanghai) Steel Structure will realize stable and sustainable development and contribute more to the economic transformation of Baoshan District.

  Chen Gang, General Manager of Shanghai Baoye, delivered a speech on behalf of shareholder institutions. He said that since the day when MCC Group announced the integration, Shanghai Baoye Group has borne in mind the overall picture, resolutely carried out the decisions of Group leaders, and offered all possible support to preparatory group. Down the road, as a shareholder of MCC (Shanghai) Steel Structure, Shanghai Baoye will follow the requirements of MCC Group and work to better play its role as a large shareholder with greater vision and stronger sense of responsibility. It will fully support the new Board of Directors and operation teams in their independent, innovative works, and lose no time to shape "MCC Steel Structure" brand, in a way to show the development dynamic of "MCC Steel Structure" and deliver greater achievements.

  In his speech, President Hao Jiping said that, the recent years have witnessed a more than 10% increase rate of the output of China's steel structure, as well as impressive achievements and progress. He sincerely hoped that MCC (Shanghai) Steel Structure follow the corporate spirit of MCC Group "No work should be delayed for even one day", and contribute more to industrial associations and the whole society, so as to showcase its corporate mission and responsibility as a large central enterprise.

  Academician Yue Qingrui said that the state values green development and ecological conservation, encourages steel industry in cutting overcapacity, and advocates the development of prefabricated buildings, which means exciting opportunities for the leapfrog development of steel structure industry. For MCC Group to explore and identify a new path of hi-tech, top-notch brand, high efficiency, quality development, and less capital, besides integration in terms of market and scale, it should also explore institutional integration and work to realize synergy and intensive growth

  Su Ping, a member of the Standing Committee and Deputy District Mayor of Baoshan District, expressed warm congratulations to the inception of the new company, and said that MCC Group cherishes great affection towards Baoshan District and the two sides enjoy a long history of cooperation. He hoped that MCC Group join hands with Baoshan District to leverage on its overall strength in planning, investment, construction, technology, development, and operation, improve the urban function and image of Baoshan District, and power its economic development, so as to realize win-win cooperation and elevate the economy of Baoshan District to a higher level.

  In the end, the 100-plus guests took group photos in front of the building of the new company, and visited the steel structure manufacturing base and structure lab of the new company.

  MCC (Shanghai) Steel Structure is a key backbone subsidiary of China Minmetals Corporation and MCC Group. It is founded through the steel structure integration of Shanghai Baoye, China MCC20 Group, and MCC5 Shanghai, with registered capital RMB 1 billion. Shouldering the new development task of shaping "MCC Steel Structure" brand, the new company will follow the mission "Delivering benefits to shareholders, employees, and customers, and striving for excellence". In line with the positioning of "Being a domestic leader in delivering high-end, technology-powered, smart steel structure", it will work to shape a world-leading enterprise with whole industrial chain competitive edge in offering new steel structure prefabricated buildings.


  Zhang Mengxing and Wang Hong unveiled MCC (Shanghai) Steel Structure


  Wang Shilei delivered an important speech


  The meeting venue