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The “Dialogue” Program of the CCTV Financial Channel Broadcasts the Project of Ramu Nico Management (MCC) Limited and MCC Ramu New Energy Technology Co., Ltd. in APEC Feature
CopyFrom: Date:19 November 2018
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  On November 17-18, President Xi Jinping attended the 26th Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation (APEC) Economic Leaders' Meeting in Papua New Guinea and delivered an important keynote speech with the theme “Harnessing Opportunities of Our Times to Jointly Pursue Prosperity in the Asia-Pacific”. In his speech, President Xi stressed that all parties in Asia-Pacific should follow the underlying trend of economic globalization, remain committed to our goal of economic integration in the region and work toward the direction of an open global economy, and keep the momentum of Asia-Pacific cooperation and steadily bring it to a higher level.

  On November 18, when the Meeting concluded, with the active facilitation and arrangement of the CPC Publicity Department of MCC Group, the “Dialogue” program of the CCTV Financial Channel broadcast the project of Ramu Nico Management (MCC) Limited and MCC Ramu New Energy Technology Co., Ltd. in APEC feature, with the theme "New Energy Opportunities in Asia-Pacific Cooperation". During the nearly one hour interview, the host, guests from MCC Group and BYD Auto, and others engaged in fulfilling dialog and communication. They gave a detailed picture of the project of Ramu Nico Management (MCC) Limited and MCC Ramu New Energy Technology Co., Ltd., and introduced major advantages of the project, namely adequate and quality raw materials, integration of the whole industrial chain, cutting-edge technique, and high value added of products, showing the latest developments and trend of new energy industry.

  Against the backdrop of the "Belt and Road" initiative, MCC Group has responded to major national strategic layout in developing new energy vehicle industry. It has invested in Ramu Nickel Project of Papua New Guinea, and is working to engage in new energy material industry by leveraging on its R&D strength in high-end power lithium ion battery anode material. The successful operation of Ramu Nickel Project testifies to the friendship between China and Papua New Guinea in building a better homeland and has shaped a good reputation for Chinese enterprises. In the future, in implementing the "Belt and Road" initiative, MCC Group will remain committed to its concept "Innovation, Coordination, Green Development, Openness, and Sharing", and keep reinventing itself for greater breakthroughs. As a leader of emerging industry, it will renew its efforts to spread technical advantages to more developing countries for greater achievements.