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Zhang Mengxing Meets with Delegates of Ivanhoe Capital Corp Led by Robert M. Friedland
CopyFrom: Date:26 September 2018
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  On the morning of September 20, Zhang Mengxing, Deputy Party Secretary and President of MCC Group, met with Robert M. Friedland, the founder and Chairman of Ivanhoe Capital Corp, and Sam Riggall, President of Clean TeQ Holdings Limited (CLQ). They engaged in deep exchanges on the Ni-Co project between CLQ and Risen Energy Co, Ltd, and other projects under Ivanhoe Capital Corp.

  Mr. Zhang welcomed the delegates led by Robert M. Friedland. Speaking of CLQ's announcement on August 30 of taking MCC Group as the deliverer of the Ni-Co project and the signing of EPC framework agreement and front end design agreement for the preparation period, Mr. Zhang pointed out that it is a landmark of the project corporation between the two sides. Robert M. Friedland's visit to MCC Group will boost the corporation. He stressed that the Ni-Co project is of significance to MCC Group. MCC Group will work closely with the employer to deliver a quality project on time. Meanwhile, Mr. Zhang hoped that both sides can continue to cooperate and increase chances of joining hands in projects under Ivanhoe Capital Corp, such as the copper/cobalt and zinc core projects in Congo and the platinum project in South Africa. Mr. Zhang expressed that MCC Group will prove to CLQ with efforts that the Group a good partner and CLQ has made a right choice. MCC Group will starts with the Ni-Co project to deepen and broaden its collaboration with CLQ and Ivanhoe Capital Corp so as to jointly renew the history of China's mining industry working with global enterprises.

  Robert M. Friedland thanked Mr. Zhang's warm reception and expressed that he is delighted to choose MCC Group as the deliverer of the Ni-Co project. CLQ and Ivanhoe Capital Corp value the project's successful delivery and have confidence in the strength of MCC Group. He emphasized that in the past decades, MCC Group and Ivanhoe Capital Corp has enjoyed good partnership. They have cooperated in projects in Mongolia, Congo, China, etc. And it can be expected that they can achieve success in the Ni-Co project. In the future, Ivanhoe Capital Corp will strengthen exchange and cooperation with MCC Group. By joint hands of both sides and supplementing each other, they can pioneer a new road of bridging the mining industries of China and the world and construct world-class projects with combination of western technologies and Chinese engineering experiences.

  President Sam Riggall highly praised the results gained from the recent teamwork of both sides. He hoped that both sides can make concerted efforts to overcome challenges and to meet the goal of delivering the project successfully.

  People at present includes Egizio Bianchini, Ivanhoe Mines' Executive Vice Chairman and a member of the Technical Committee, Zhou Chao, the Special Advisor to President of Ivanhoe Capital Corp and the Business Leader of Greater China, Liu Kexin, Manager of Investor Relations and Public Relations Department, Xu Yongjie, Director of the Overseas Engineering Management Department of MCC Group, Fan Jintian, General Manager of MCC International Incorporation Ltd., Gu Yuxiang, Executive Deputy General Manager of MCC International Incorporation Ltd., Wei Jiaming, Deputy General Manager of China ENFI Engineering Co., Ltd., and Yang Yong, Chief Manager of MCC Mining WA Pty Ltd.


  Zhang Mengxing communicates with Robert M. Friedland.


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