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Zhang Zhaoxiang Attends the 17th Western Fair and Participates in Several Important Events
CopyFrom: Date:27 September 2018
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  On September 20, the grand opening of the 17th Western China International Fair (hereinafter referred to as the Western Fair) and the 9th Western China International Cooperation Forum was held in Chengdu. Zhang Zhaoxiang, the Vice-General Manager of China Minmetals Corporation, a member of the Communist Party, the Secretary of Party Committee of China Metallurgical Group Corporation (MCC) and the General Manager of MCC, and Cheng Bingqiang, the President of MCC and the Party Secretary, were invited to and attended the opening ceremony as guests. Additionally, they participated in several important events.

  The Western Fair focuses on the theme of "New Era in China, New Advances in Western China", attracting 6000 enterprises from 90 countries around the world to take part in. Various events are launched here including economic and trade matchmaking and cultural exchanges. Western provinces and cities will share the new opportunities brought by the new era and cooperate with domestic and foreign investors in multiple fields, such as infrastructure construction, industry transformation and upgrading, pilot free trade zone construction, rural revitalization and development and all-for-one tourism.

  Hu Chunhua, a member of Politburo and the Vice Premier of State Council, attended the opening ceremony, conveyed a congratulatory letter from President Xi and delivered a speech. He claimed that the letter affirms the importance of the Western Fair and shows the attention of CPC central committee and the State Council to it. He also pointed out that since the implementation of western development strategy two decades ago, western regions have become a remarkable part on China's economic territory with a brighter prospect. Chinese government will create more conditions to accelerate the development pace of the west, establish new inland opening hubs here, advance the interconnection under the “Belt and Road” Initiative, strengthen its guidance in innovation and build a better business environment, realizing mutual benefit and win-win results with foreign countries in broader fields and at a higher level. Peng Qinghua, the Party Secretary of Sichuan Province, said in his speech that Sichuan is an important link of the “Belt and Road” construction. With positive development trend, abundant natural resources and more prominent advantages on opening, it faces an unprecedented development opportunity. The fulfillment of the “Belt and Road” Initiative pushes western China to the frontier of opening-up and inject great vitality into its opening process. The Western Fair will promote the communication and exchanges between western China and countries along the “Belt and Road”, unlocking a new chapter of mutual benefit, win-win results and cooperative development. Deputy Minister of Commerce Wang Bingnan, Deputy Prime Minister of Italy (guest country of honor) Di Maio and Vice President of Nepal Pun also addressed the fair and delivered their keynote speeches successively.

  During the period, Zhang Zhaoxiang, on behalf of China Minmetals Corporation, was invited to and attended the Conference on Enterprise Cooperation and Development of Countries (Regions) along the "Belt and Road". The conference was held by Sichuan Provincial Government and took "Open to Share, Cooperate to Progress" as its theme. Deputy Director of SASAC Xu Fushun and Vice President of Nepal Nanda Kishor Pun were present at the conference and delivered keynote speeches. Yin li, the Deputy Secretary of Sichuan Provincial Committee and the Governor of Sichuan Province, attended and addressed the conference. More than 450 guests showed up at this conference including 150 heads of central enterprises, politicians of countries along the “Belt and Road” and leaders of the World's Top 500 enterprises from abroad. Aiming at deepening the international exchange and cooperation under the “Belt and Road” Initiative, the conference strengthens the communication, gathers resources, facilitates cooperation and promotes the interactions between central enterprises and countries along the "Belt and Road".

  Zhang Zhaoxiang also attended the Chengdu International Investment Summit held by Chengdu Municipal Government with the theme of “Opening, Energizing and Win-win”. Fan Ruiping, a member of the Standing Committee of CPC Sichuan Provincial Committee and the Secretary of Chengdu Municipal Party Committee, was present at the summit and Luo Qiang, the Deputy Secretary of Chengdu Municipal Party Committee and the Mayor of Chengdu made a speech here. More than 1500 guests from domestic and foreign well-known enterprises, consulates of foreign countries in Chengdu and Chongqing and business associations attended the summit and signed contracts for 28 projects as well.

  Pan Biyi, the President of China 19th Metallurgical Corporation and the Secretary of Party Committee participated in some of the events with President of Mianyang City Commercial Bank Sun Wei and Minister of MCC Domestic Market Department Yang Kui.


  The scene of Conference on Enterprise Cooperation and Development of Countries (Regions) along the "Belt and Road"


  The scene of Chengdu International Investment Summit


  The scene of the 17th Western China International Fair and the 9th Western China International Cooperation Forum