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MCC Group Receives the Award of Top 10 Outstanding Enterprises for Chinese Cities Energy Reform
CopyFrom: Date:27 September 2018
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  On September 20, the 2nd Annual Meeting of China Energy Industry Development & 2018 Chinese Cities Energy Reform Summit sponsored by China Energy News, a newspaper sponsored and managed by People's Daily, was held in Beijing. During the critical period of constantly promoting energy reform, the meeting was themed by "Contribute to a beautiful China” and held a seminar to discuss the development of new energy automotive industry and a forum to talk about transformation strategies for cities' energy in the new era. Both were focused on main carriers of energy consumption, finding essential problems existing in cities energy reforms and potential opportunities. The meeting also unveiled the results of "Contribute to a beautiful China" awarding campaign. Ten companies, including MCC Group and Shanghai Electric, have been awarded as the "Top 10 Outstanding Enterprises for Chinese Cities Energy Reform ".

  The investigation and publicity by media convergence and themed by "Energy Reform and Industrial Upgrading in MCC Group", took place in Beijing and Tangshan from August 16-17. It was guided by Office of the Central Cyberspace Affairs Commission, hosted by China Internet News Center and organized by MCC Group. As the first stop of investigating central enterprises by media convergence, MCC Group fully displayed its results of reform and innovation and building a national team of metallurgical construction, responding to the theme "Models of Supply-side Reform". Scholars and researchers from famous research institutes and think tanks at home, and over 20 influential media have highly praised that this investigation has impressed and encouraged people. MCC Group is undoubtedly a good example of supply-side reform and transformation and upgrading for central enterprises and companies in other industries. It has provided ideal experiences of transformation and upgrading and replacing old economic drivers with new ones. By August 27, the investigation has been reported by mainstream media with over 50 original articles published (including those to be published). Also, these articles have been republished over 200 times by other platforms and received more than 800,000 views on new media. Through this investigation, China Energy News has learned about the results of MCC Group's reform and innovation, especially its achievements in energy development of emerging industries. It believes that MCC Group has contributed to building a beautiful China with efforts in utility tunnel, beautiful villages, smart cities, spongy cities, sewage treatment, waste incineration, prefabricated houses, new materials and new energy. Thus, it invites China Energy News to take part in the "Contribute to a beautiful China" awarding campaign.

  As one of the main pioneers and builders for China's metallurgical industry, MCC Group proposes to stand on the high ground of international metallurgical industry and the whole metallurgical industry to undertake the duty of leading China's metallurgical industry to a higher level by its dominant core technologies, consistent innovation and irreplaceable advantages in integrating the whole metallurgical industry chain. It strives to build a comprehensive business system named "4 beams and 8 columns" based on excellent capabilities of metallurgical scientific research, survey, design and construction. The “4 beams” refer to project contracting, equipment manufacturing, resource development and real estate development, and the “8 columns” are metallurgical engineering, high-end housing construction, mine construction and mineral development, medium and high-end real estate, municipal infrastructure, core technologies and equipment and steel structures by MCC Group, environmental projects and new energy and featured theme projects. These "beams and pillars" interconnect and supplement each other to fulfill MCC Group's duty. In terms of environmental engineering and new energy, MCC Group increasingly puts more efforts in the research and development of energy saving, environmental protection and equipment in the metallurgical industry and others. It also actively participates in the fields of environmental governance like clean air and soil remediation, comprehensive utilization of garbage, high-efficiency recycle and utilization of waste energy and heat. It prioritizes emerging environmental protection businesses, including sewage treatment, urban pipe network, river harnessing, iron and steel slag treatment, and waste incineration. It provides professional operation service and aims at becoming a capable and influential construction contractor, supplier of technologies and equipment and service provider of investment and operation.