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Ramu NiCo Makes Production and Management Achievements in First Half of 2018
CopyFrom: Date:29 June 2018
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  In the first half of 2018, the Ramu Project maintained the stable and high yield production stage that it entered in 2017. Ramu NiCo adheres to the philosophy of standing at a new historical height, securing new opportunities, building a new Ramu and realizing a new take-off, focuses on improving the management level, exploitation of internal potential and realization of high and stable yield, and achieves superior performance in production and management.

  According to the annual working plan, in the first half of 2018, two successive annual overhauls of the high pressure acid leaching equipment were completed; the plan, coordination and control of the production organization were enhanced; the safety operation and management is strengthened; the system is kept stable with the best efforts, the technical conditions and parameters of various processes were continuously perfected; the equipment management level was improved; 17,368 tons of metallic nickel was produced accumulatively; average productivity reached 106.8%; the planned finishing rate was 51.1%; and the time visual progress matching set a new record for production performance compared with the same period in each previous year. In June, by virtue of various supporting conditions including production entering the dry season, equipment operation status beneficial to the creation of a high yield and stable peripheral relations, 3,236.5 tons of metallic nickel were manufactured; this result reached 116.9% of the monthly average productivity, set a new high record in history and smoothly and successfully led Ramu’s peers in the global laterite-nickel ore industry. With a high yield and the substantial rise in the prices of international bulk raw materials, the minimum cost was regarded as the pole, various incurred unit consumption and expenses were refined monthly, "deflation, leakage, dropping and weeping" were strictly stopped, and control and assessment were conducted tightly and strictly. Various technical and economic indexes generally reached the annual production & operation plan and the indicators issued by the budget. A state of continuous profitability was entered, showing good momentum. From January to May, operating profits of RMB 236 million were achieved accumulatively. With such good operating results, shareholders at home and abroad were provided with a joyful and happy report.