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China Minmetals Party Organization Inspection Team Supervises and Examines MCC Group’s Implementation of 18th CPC Central Committee's "Looking Back" Inspection Tour and Rectification
CopyFrom: Date:02 July 2018
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  On June 28th, 2018, China Minmetals Corporation Party Organization Inspection Team supervised and examined the MCC Group Party Committee's implementation of the 18th CPC Central Committee's "Looking Back" inspection tour and rectification. Eight people in total including China Minmetals Corporation Supervisory Bureau Deputy Director Wang Hongbin and his delegation supervised and examined the Group Headquarters, while Group Party Committee Secretary Zhang Zhaoxiang, Group Discipline Inspection Committee Secretary Shi Dexin and the leading officials of related departments attended the Briefing Meeting of the "Looking Back" Supervision, Examination, Inspection Tour and Rectification.

  On behalf of MCC Group Party Committee, Shi Dexin reported to the Inspection Team on how the Party Committee carried out the "One Comparison and Four Inspections" Self-Examination and Self-Correction Activity. The Inspection Team fully affirmed the achievements of the MCC Group Party Committee's implementation of the Self-Examination and Self-Correction Activity, and put forward work requirements for personnel organization, Party organization construction, inspection tour rectification, system construction, discipline inspection and supervision, etc. On behalf of the Group Company Party Committee, Zhang Zhaoxiang made a stance speech in which he demanded that Group Company Party Committees at all levels and Headquarters departments unify their ideological understanding, improve their political stance, follow the criteria of "One Comparison and Four Inspections" and the work requirements put forward by the Inspection Team, focus on the problem-solving, tighten work responsibility, consolidate work tasks, further complete the rectification of the identification of problems and firmly carry out the requirements of the 18th CPC Central Committee's "Looking Back" inspection tour and rectification.