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China Minmetals Selects Four MCC Achievements for the First Top Ten Achievements in Employee Job Innovation
CopyFrom: Date:02 July 2018
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  On June 29th, China Minmetals Corporation held the First Awards Conference for the Top Ten Achievements in Employee Job Innovation.

  The Selection Activity for the Top Ten Achievements in Employee Job Innovation was carried out by China Minmetals to fully implement the Reform Scheme of Team Construction for Industrial Workers in the New Era of the Central Committee of the Communist Party of China and State Council, further enhance the management of employee job innovation, unite and mobilize the workers and public to actively, profoundly and persistently conduct job innovation, and forge a metal mining group which is "First in China and First-Class in the World". According to reports, since its launch in October 2017, all units have declared 53 cases of employee job innovation achievements. After being voted on by experts, the First Top Ten Achievements in Employee Job Innovation were selected.

  The four MCC Group achievements are as follows: “Processing Method for Housing Windows by Twenty-High Roll Mill” of MCC-SFRE, “Research and Application of Tri-Electronic Speedy Installation and Construction Method for Large-scale Blast Furnace Comprehensive Technological Innovation and Construction Technology” of Shanghai Baoye Group, “Connection Technology of Fabricated Shear Wall Structure” of MCC22 Group and “Serial Tooling for Production of Ball-bottomed Welding Slag Bag” of MCC Baosteel Technology.

  At the conference, the ten award-winning units were solemnly commended. The awarded teams combined videos, PPTs and explanations to popularize and release their innovation achievements, showing the research and development experience through which MCC employees keep a foothold in their posts, give full play to their intelligence and wisdom, explore and innovate, reduce costs, increase efficiency, boost technological advancement and promote the spirits of model workers, laborers and craftsmanship with dedication, an enterprising spirit and the courage to innovate.