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Hunan Provincial Party Standing Committee Member and Changsha Municipal Party Committee Secretary Hu Henghua Inspects MCC CIE
CopyFrom: Date:17 May 2018
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  On the morning of May 15th, Hunan Provincial Party Standing Committee Member and Changsha Municipal Party Committee Secretary Hu Henghua and his delegation conducted an inspection of MCC CIE as part of the wider inspection regarding accelerating the transformation of old and new kinetic energy in order to promote the high-quality economic development of Xiangjiang New District. He was accompanied by Changsha Municipal Party Standing Committee Member and Secretary-General Xia Jianping and Changsha Deputy Mayor Li Xiaohong.

  In the presence of MCC CIE Party Committee Secretary and Chairman Yi Shuguang, Hu Henghua and his delegation inspected MCC CIE’s comprehensive exhibition hall and grasped its main organizational structure, scientific and technological innovation, key business areas, technical talent team and overseas market development. After the inspection, Hu Henghua highly praised MCC CIE for its leading position of in the field of iron metallurgy at home and abroad, and fully confirmed its role in promoting the development of enterprises and the local economy with continuous technological innovation capability.

  Upon leaving the exhibition hall, Hu Henghua appreciated the calligraphy and painting works created by MCC CIE staff, and highly praised their mental outlook, cultural qualities and corporate culture.

  After that, Hu Henghua and his delegation inspected the "National Sintering Pellet Equipment System Engineering Technology Research Center" which relies on MCC CIE, and understood the construction of laboratories specializing in intelligent control and smart pipe galleries, environmental energy, etc. In the Intelligent Control and Smart Pipe Corridor Laboratory, Hu Henghua pointed out that smart manufacturing and smart city technology are key emerging industries in Changsha. As a research and design enterprise, MCC CIE should grasp the trend and actively carry out research and development in new intelligent technology based on traditional industries, thereby promoting such emerging industries as the intelligence industry to stride forward. In the Environmental Energy Laboratory, Secretary Hu Henghua gained an in-depth understanding of MCC CIE's technological research and development in atmospheric governance. When he learned that the "activated charcoal flue gas multi-pollutant collaborative treatment technology" independently developed by MCC CIE incorporates the treatment of multiple pollutants including desulfurization, denitrification, dioxin removal, heavy metal removal, dust removal, etc., and realized the resource generation of by-products which has been successfully adopted by Baosteel's Zhanjiang and Baosteel Headquarters, as well as other steel companies including Anyang Steel, he encouraged MCC CIE to further deepen its research and development, reduce its costs, continually strengthen its technological industrialization and forge industrial advantages.

  Secretary Hu Henghua said that the Changsha Municipal Government will fully support the development of MCC CIE and provide various strong services. He hopes that MCC CIE will continue to strengthen its connection with the relevant departments of the Municipal Government, further consolidate and exert its core advantages, and make greater efforts to contribute to local economic and social development.