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Group Company Signs Strategic Cooperation Agreement with HBIS Group
CopyFrom: Date:17 May 2018
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  On May 16th, the Group Company and HBIS Group held a signing ceremony in Minmetals Square, Beijing, for a strategic cooperation framework agreement regarding the "Belt and Road" initiative. Jointly witnessed by Group Company Chairman and Party Group Secretary Tang Fuping, and HBIS Group Chairman and Party Committee Secretary Yu Yong, Group Company Deputy General Manager & MCC Group General Manager Zhang Zhaoxiang and HBIS Group Deputy General Manager Liu Jian signed the agreement on behalf of their respective parties.

  According to the contents of the agreement, both parties will adhere to the principles of "complementary advantages, resource sharing, mutual benefits and win-win cooperation", focus on the implementation of the "Belt and Road" strategy, continuously deepen whole industrial chain coordination worldwide, make innovations to the business and cooperation models, and build a comprehensive strategic partnership on the basis of existing cooperation, thereby realizing mutual benefits and win-win progress. For cooperation in specific areas, both sides will give full play to their advantages so as to jointly boost their cooperation on industrial transformation and upgrading, international capacity and such global areas as resources, trade and capital. Both sides will also carry out cooperation in the field of international operation management. Meanwhile, in order to promote their cooperation, both sides will establish a guaranteed cooperation mechanism including high-level strategic communication, information exchange and sharing, etc.

  Before the signing ceremony, Tang Fuping held a meeting with Yu Yong and his delegation in which they engaged in an in-depth exchange of views on topics of common concern.

  Tang Fuping welcomed Yu Yong and his delegation and offered his congratulations for the outstanding achievements of the HBIS Group in international development, industrial restructuring and other aspects. He then gave a brief introduction to the overall situation of the Group Company and its development situation in 2018, pointing out that China Minmetals and the HBIS Group each have their own unique development advantages, which means that both sides have very broad prospects for cooperation. He hopes they will further deepen their cooperation on "Belt and Road" construction, market linkage and so on, carry out coordinated development, give full play to their own advantages and actively explore new business and cooperation models. He also hopes that both sides will take the opportunity of this signing ceremony to focus on their connection, advance continuously and join hands in exploring a broader market space. He believes that their cooperation will make greater contributions to the implementation of the national strategy and the promotion of industrial transformation.

  Yu Yong thanked Tang Fuping and introduced the HBIS Group's development thought and priorities for the next round of development, pointing out that the HBIS Group and China Minmetals have a long tradition of cooperation and the achievement of fruitful results. In particular, both sides have communicated frequently and effectively, faced the future and harbored a common will for cooperation and development in recent years. He hopes that the working departments of both sides will focus on their connection, refine their cooperation contents and boost their achievements in concrete cooperation areas as soon as possible, thereby playing a more significant leading role in the promotion of global cooperation on the production capacity of Chinese iron and steel industries.

  Both sides then held an in-depth exchange of views on the overall development situations of the iron and steel markets of countries along the "Belt and Road" route, iron and steel production capacity adjustment in China, domestic iron and steel market trends, etc.

  The above-mentioned activities were attended by relevant HBIS Group personnel Li Yiren, Yang Guiqing, Yan Xiujun, Guo Jinhong and Liu Juan, and relevant personnel from the related departments of the Group Company Headquarters, MCC Group, Minmetals International and Minmetals Development Zhang Mengxing, Xing Yan, Gao Xiaoyu, Liu Qingchun, Shao Bo and others.