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Tang Fuping Meets Ambassador of Peru to China Luis Quesada
CopyFrom: Date:15 May 2018
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  On May 11th, Group Company Chairman Tang Fuping met Ambassador of Peru to China Luis Quesada and his delegation in Beijing. Both sides exchanged views on such topics as the development of the China Minmetals Corporation in Peru.

  Tang Fuping welcomed Luis Quesada and his delegation and congratulated him on his assumption of office. He then pointed out that the China Minmetals Corporation is devoted to being a world-class metal and mineral enterprise group. After its strategic recombination with the MCC Group in 2015, its corporate asset and output value were further improved, and it now ranks 120th in the Fortune Global 500 Companies. Its overseas agencies, resource items and building projects also span more than 60 countries and regions in the world.

  Tang Fuping introduced the basic information of China Minmetals’ investment in Peru and the latest progress of the Las Bambas Copper Mine, and thanked the Government of Peru for its long-term concern and support. He then pointed out that the excellent copper and zinc resource endowments of Peru are highly consistent with the development strategy of the China Minmetals Corporation, and the Peru Las Bambas Copper Mine Project has set a new record for overseas acquisition among Chinese metal and mineral enterprises. At present, the Las Bambas Copper Mine enjoys stable operation and favorable product price trends. He hopes that the Government of Peru will further support the development and operation of the China Minmetals Corporation in mining in Peru with the bridging function of the Ambassador. China Minmetals would like to make new contributions to the economic development of Peru so as to promote economic and trade development, and realize mutual benefits for the two countries.

  Luis Quesada thanked Tang Fuping for his warm reception and pointed out that the China Minmetals Corporation is the first enterprise he has visited since taking office. China Minmetals plays an important role in the economic growth of Peru through investment and provides the Government of Peru with new experience in the maintenance of community relations. With its perfect legal system and sound rights protection, the Peru market is open to foreign investment. He hopes that China Minmetals will further expand its investment in infrastructure construction, railway stations, hotels and other fields. He said that Embassy of Peru in China would like to give full play to its communication and coordination role so as to actively promote the development of China Minmetals in Peru, and support China Minmetals for taking Peru as a platform to influence surrounding countries and further expanding its business space.

  Both sides also exchanged views on such topics of common concern as the influence of Peruvian local environmental protection policies on mining development and the application of copper commodities in the new energy sector.

  The meeting was attended by Group Company Official Jiao Jian, Counselor of Peru to China Jaime Casablanca and relevant principals of the International Business Management Department of China Minmetals and Minmetals International Xing Yan, Gao Xiaoyu and others.