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Zhang Mengxing Meets Disney Corporation Asia Pacific General Manager Howard Brown
CopyFrom: Date:20 March 2018
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  On March 20th, MCC Group and MCC Party Committee Deputy Secretary and MCC President Zhang Mengxing met Disney Asia Pacific General Manager Howard Brown at the MCC Headquarters in Beijing. Both sides held a meeting in which they thoroughly exchanged opinions on accelerating the handling of matters relevant to the Shanghai Disney Project and further strengthening their future all-round cooperation.

  Zhang Mengxing welcomed General Manager Howard Brown and his delegation to the MCC Group and congratulated Shanghai Disney on its outstanding performance during its operation period. He then pointed out that the successful operation of the Shanghai Disney Project has not only brought economic benefits to the Disney Corporation but also produced huge social benefits in China and played a significant role in promoting the development of the tourism industry in Shanghai. During their five-year cooperation period, both sides have jointly overcome many difficulties and enabled the project to be completed on time with high quality. He thanked the Disney Corporation for its trust in the MCC Group, which has greatly promoted MCC Group’s brand image and competitiveness in the theme park field, and enabled the Group to become the only domestic enterprise with theme park design and construction qualifications. The MCC Group is an enterprise that honors credibility and the Disney Corporation is a professional, practical and responsible international enterprise. He hopes that both sides will strengthen their communication and exchange, and cooperate closely in line with the contract and in accordance with the principles of fairness and reasonableness to successfully complete this stage of their cooperation. MCC Group will positively take part in Disney’s engineering construction projects in China and even all over the world, and is willing to be an all-around strategic partner of Disney.

  Howard Brown thanked the MCC Group’s Shanghai Disney Project Department for their hard work and pointed out that under the joint efforts of MCC and other cooperation teams, the Shanghai Disney Project has reached the national leading level in safety, quality, technology and other aspects, and has operated successfully for nearly two years with a good response from all sectors of society. In the cooperation process of the project, the Disney Corporation spoke highly of the MCC Group’s technical capacity and realistic and pragmatic working style, and it is hoped that the MCC Group will give full play to its own advantages and continue to take part in Disney’s projects all around the world. He hopes that both sides will strengthen their communication and consultation, and reach a related consensus as soon as possible.

  The meeting was attended by Disney Global Construction Management Executive Vice-President Michael Corinna and relevant MCC Group personnel Xu Xiangchun, Xu Yongjie, Lu Yijie, Xu Qiwen, Wang Bo, Zhang Wen and others.