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Zhang Mengxing Meets Russia Siberwood LLC President Hrncirova and Her Delegation
Both Sides Sign Project Memorandum of Understanding
CopyFrom: Date:19 March 2018
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  On March 16th, MCC Group and MCC Party Committee Deputy Secretary and MCC President Zhang Mengxing met Russia Siberwood LLC President Ms. Hrncirova at the MCC Headquarters in Beijing. Both sides held a meeting in which they thoroughly exchanged opinions on further promoting comprehensive cooperation on the Russia Siberia Siberwood Pulp Mill Project.

  Zhang Mengxing welcomed Ms. Hrncirova and her delegation, then pointed out that the MCC Group will continuously spare no efforts to support the project, and closely cooperate and face challenges with the team led by Ms. Hrncirova, with the most professional team, most efficient work and strongest sense of responsibility, and strive to complete it as a demonstration project with the shortest construction period, most reasonable cost and best quality. He believes that both sides can adhere to the principles of reciprocity and mutual benefits, and cooperate in a practical and realistic way.

  Russia Siberwood LLC President Ms. Hrncirova said that as a large-scale greenbelt project aiming to comply with the market, the Siberwood Pulp Mill Project has been approved by the government for wood exploitation, and a multi-channel financing model including Gazprom Bank has been established to provide good support for cooperation with the MCC Group. The cooperation relationship will be established on the basis of mutual trust, honesty and transparency. She believes that with the joint efforts of both sides, the project will be pushed ahead smoothly according to the plan.

  After the meeting, both sides jointly signed the Memorandum of Understanding for the Russia Siberia Siberwood Pulp Mill Project.

  The meeting was attended by relevant Russia Siberwood LLC personnel Hrncir, Kryzhanovskaia and Liang Dapeng, relevant Gazprom Bank personnel Belikov and Voinilovich, and relevant MCC Group personnel Xu Xiangchun, Xu Yongjie, He Kunshan, Liu Yuzheng and others.