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Zhang Mengxing Visits Needy Party Members of CTMCC
CopyFrom: Date:12 February 2018
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  On February 12th, MCC Group & MCC Party Committee Deputy Secretary and MCC President Zhang Mengxing drove to Tianjin to visit retired CTMCC employees and needy Party members Wang Qiqing and Liu Yanheng. Zhang Mengxing gave them gifts and New Year greetings to show the care of the MCC Group’s Party organization.

  At Wang Qiqing’s home, Zhang Mengxing asked in detail about his health and medical conditions, expressed gratitude for his contributions to the enterprise over the years and wished him a speedy recovery. Liu Yanheng, whose wife has suffered from illness for many years, bears a heavy financial burden. Zhang Mengxing cordially encouraged him to work hard, be confident and never hesitate to seek help from the organization. At the same time, Zhang Mengxing emphasized that we should always care about the work and lives of needy employees, constantly help them to solve their practical problems and ensure that they are cared for by the organization.

  Sincere condolences, caring smiles and warm wishes touched the Party members. They said that they will find the confidence and courage to overcome their difficulties, and continue to be role models in contributing to the development of the Group’s companies.

  The visits were attended by CTMCC Party Committee Secretary and President Zhou Qing, Party Committee Deputy Secretary and Discipline Inspection Commission Secretary Zhang Lidong, and other cadres.