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MCC’s New Material Project Selected for Industry Enterprise Technology Transformation and Upgrading Guidance Plan
CopyFrom: Date:24 February 2018
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  In January, 2018, MCC’s New Material Project was successfully selected for the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology’s 2018 industry enterprise technology transformation and upgrading guidance plan (first batch), and also selected for the 2018 Key Project Scheme in Hebei Province.

  MCC’s New Material Project is invested in, constructed and operated by Ramu NiCo New Energy Technology Co., Ltd., a company jointly established by the China Metallurgical Group Corporation, Hefei Guoxuan High-Tech Power Energy Co., Ltd., Shenzhen BYD Lithium Battery Co., Ltd. and Tangshan Caofeidian Development Investment Group Co., Ltd. through an alliance of giants. After Phase I of the project is completed and put into operation by the end of 2018, it is planned that 40,000 t/a NCM 622 high nickel ternary precursor and 20 t/a high purity scandium oxide and scandium aluminum intermediate alloy test production lines will be built to provide core key materials for China’s new energy automobile industry. Nickel cobalt lithium manganate ternary material and high purity scandium oxide are recognized as key new energy materials and functional rare earth materials in the Key New Material First Batch Application Demonstration Directory (2017 Edition) of the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology. All of the company’s products are key new materials.

  The guidance plan for the technological transformation and upgrading of industrial enterprises is an important basis for the Ministry of Industry Information Technology to coordinate production and financing, and arrange key projects, aiming to play a leading role in guiding the implementation of a batch of key technological transformation and upgrading projects that are conducive to steady growth, structural adjustment and transformation, with a focus on the implementation of Made in China 2025 and a clear investment direction and priorities. The contents of the guidance plan catalogue are selected on the basis of the major project library of Made in China 2025, and 347 projects with advanced technology and strong guidance and demonstration functions are selected for inclusion in the guidance plan, covering 8 fields including intelligent manufacturing, green manufacturing, strong industrial bases and product quality improvement.

  The selection of MCC’s New Material Project into the guidance plan means that it will be listed by financing institutions as a key investment and financing project. This will be helpful for promoting the influence of MCC’s projects and creating conditions for better carrying out industry-financing connection and gaining policy support.