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Guo Wenqing Holds Meeting with Chile Senate President Zaldivar
CopyFrom: Date:05 February 2018
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  On January 29th, Group Company General Manager and MCC Group President Guo Wenqing held a meeting with Chile Senate President Zaldivar during his visit to Beijing. Both sides exchanged views on the next steps in deepening their cooperation.

  Guo Wenqing welcomed Zaldivar and his delegation, introduced the basic situation of China Minmetals and reviewed the cooperation process between China Minmetals and CODELCO. He then pointed out that China Minmetals is a super-large-scale central enterprise and the only state-owned asset investment company in China’s metal mining industry field, with managed assets of RMB 1.68 trillion and 200,000 employees. China Minmetals and CODELCO have a long-term cooperation relationship. Since the establishment of diplomatic relations between two countries, the cooperation between both sides has created a model of cooperation between the enterprises of China and Chile. In recent years, this cooperation has deepened, especially with the signing of a strategic cooperation agreement in November 2017 which further broadened their cooperation scope to cover bulk commodity trade, international mining development and mine exploration.

  Guo Wenqing said that China Minmetals is willing to further deepen its cooperation degree and expand its cooperation scope with the relevant parties in Chile, and increase its investment in the country. He emphasized that China Minmetals is making efforts to forge a metal mining group which is ‘First in China and first-class in the world’, and it will enter the first echelon in the world in copper, iron, nickel, tungsten, zinc and other metal fields. He hopes that Senate President Zaldivar will support China Minmetals in carrying out cooperation and expanding the market with the relevant enterprises in Chile. China Minmetals also possesses extremely strong capacity in steel and iron design and construction, and rich experience in such capital construction fields as rail transit, expressways, sewage treatment, theme parks and so on. He hopes that Senate President Zaldivar will promote the cooperation between China Minmetals and the relevant enterprises in Chile. China Minmetals will provide optimum design schemes, cutting-edge operation concepts and high-level operation services.

  Zaldivar thanked Guo Wenqing for his warm reception and introduced Chile’s advantages in mineral resources, pointing out that China Minmetals is a very important enterprise group for Chile which has maintained high level cooperation with CODELCO for a long time, and with which the relevant enterprises in Chile are willing to further deepen their cooperation. He hopes that the relevant enterprises in Chile will further expand their cooperation with China Minmetals in mineral resource development, mine construction, technology upgrading, energy transformation, infrastructure construction and other fields.

  At the meeting, both sides also watched China Minmetals’ advertising video and conducted an in-depth exchange regarding cooperation in copper, lithium, solar energy resources and other fields.

  The meeting was attended by Group Company leaders Dong Mingjun and Jiao Jian, Chile delegation members Andries Allaman, Julio Kamala, Gong Gutai and Raul Rivera, NPC Standing Committee General Office Bureau of Foreign Affairs Deputy Director General Xiong Wei and relevant personnel of the Group Company Board Office, Minmetals International and Reconnaissance Company Wang Jionghui, Zhang Ye, Gao Xiaoyu, Xing Yan, Zhao Jing and others.