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MCC People Faithfully Fulfill Their Social Responsibility to Tackle Snowstorm
CopyFrom: Date:30 January 2018
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  Recently, the severe convection weather of continuous snowfall has appeared in many places in our country. The temperature drops quickly and the rain and snow become heavy and fall for a long time, seriously affecting the normal production life of enterprises. The MCC Group has taken precautions, made careful deployments, launched relevant emergency response plans according to the weather forecast issued by the Meteorological Department and quickly organized the staff of all project departments and units to participate in snow melting and deicing, spare no effort to prevent and respond to the severe snowstorm weather, and ensure continuous safe production.

  Before the snowfall, all MCC Group subsidiaries, especially the project departments, took measures for the anti-freezing and insulation of the production equipment in advance, and took the necessary measures to eliminate the hidden dangers of the collapse of factory buildings, dangerous chemical warehouses, etc. The MCC17 Group prepared snow-shoveling, deicing and rescue equipment ahead of schedule, scientifically formulated plans for vehicle bypass and diversion to prevent prolonged congestion over a large area due to the rainy and snowy weather, and ensure safe and unblocked traffic on the temporary roads around the project department, organized the market supply and allocation and transportation of grain, oil, meat, eggs, vegetables and other agricultural products to meet the living demands of project personnel, strengthened safety education and took strict precautions against poisoning and fire accidents caused by heating. MCC CIE organized construction units to dispatch personnel to clear the snow from the office areas, living areas and construction sites in strict accordance with the relevant requirements and arrangements of the Company, and took such anti-slip measures as laying anti-slip strips and straw mats on the transportation routes, upward and downward ramps, scaffold work platforms and so on at the sites. The Nanjing Yinlong Project Department of the MCC5 Group’s Shanghai 3rd Company rapidly launched emergency plans for disaster prevention and reduction, inspected the key areas of the project successively, eliminated potential safety hazards and made every effort to carry out various safeguard work to ensure the safe operation of the Project Department and unblocked traffic on the surrounding roads. After receiving the Notice on Effectively Preventing and Dealing with Large-Scale Continuous Rain and Snow in Freezing Weather of Anhui Province, MCC ACRE’s Maanshan Steel Project Department immediately launched the Emergency Plan for Severe Snowstorm Weather, organized a mobilization meeting, made deployments concerning the relevant safety work of the subcontractors and the adjustment of construction arrangements before and after the snowstorm, and jointly carried out a special safety inspection on the construction site with the employer, supervisor and all subcontractors so as to eliminate potential safety hazards in the snowstorm weather. CTMCC arranged to cover the existing working surface and prepared snow-plowing tools and concrete insulation facilities in advance. Defying the severe cold, the personnel of the China Jingye Steel Structure Business Division’s Jinan Iron and Steel Stock Ground Closing Project Department stuck to their posts and strived tirelessly to achieve the annual production and management objectives.

  The snowfall was heavy with a prolonged duration. Especially in the south, the snow was frozen on the roads, causing serious vehicle slip phenomena and making it very easy for road congestion and traffic accidents to occur. All MCC subsidiaries positively organized their employees in units in various regions to organically carry out snow removal work on the streets of the units. CFMCC rapidly organized a snow melting and deicing team of over 1,400 people from the main unit, provided over 30 pieces of machinery and over 20 tons of industrial salt, and fought continuously for 24 hours, sparing no efforts to guarantee the traffic safety of primary and secondary urban main roads for 15 km, including Zhongbei Road of Wuchang District and Gongye Road and Linjiang Avenue of Qingshan District in Wuhan City. CFMCC’s Hubei Company organized a salt spreading team to spread salt and manually shovel the snow after snow shoveling machines went through first. Despite the severe cold of -8 °C, the workers fought on in the snow removal work outdoors and assisted people along the way whose cars had broken down. There was nearly 40 cm of snow at the MCC17 Group’s Si County New North Town Road Network (Phase I) Project. The personnel of the Project Department rapidly gathered machinery and personnel to open a large-scale ‘snow clearing mode’ in a widespread area. Meanwhile, relevant personnel actively contacted Si County Mingze Primary School in the project’s location and the Project Department appointed all employees and machines to snow removal in the regions surrounding the school, ensuring the transport safety of passing students. The MCC19 Group’s Nanjing Old Mountain Ecological Tourism Park PPP Project Department hurried to dispatch such heavy machinery devices as bulldozers, loaders and personnel transports to evacuate vehicles on the streets and main roads in the scenic area after the snowfall, where they cleared the snow from the roads in groups and helped the Scenic Area Management Committee to transport tourists. By January 28th, the Project Department had organized nearly 200 people to clear the snow and remove the ice, and dispatched 28 large-scale machinery devices and transport vehicles to clear the snow and remove the ice from the main roads of the scenic area and streets for about 10 km. The name ‘Western Iron Army’ has been highly praised by tourists in the scenic area and the social masses. Lianshi Town of Nanxun District, Huzhou City where the MCC2 Group’s Project Department is stationed, encountered a heavy snow disaster not equaled locally for about 30 years. MCC2’s Huzhou Project Department positively cooperated with highway and transport departments to spread salt and melt the snow. Under the unified command of the local government, the Huzhou Project Department’s team members led all participating staff to shovel the ice and clear the snow from the roads, carrying forward the indomitable spirit of hard work and selfless dedication of road and bridge people in continuously fighting at the anti-snow front line. Under the circumstance that other workmates had returned to their hometowns for the Spring Festival, the Shanghai Baoye Group’s Zhangjiagang Kangdexin Project Department deployed three scaled civil engineering construction teams to stick to the front line of the construction site and fight against the wind and snow. The Project Department’s Youth Shock Brigade set an example to others, organized reasonably and cleared the snow in an orderly manner. On the afternoon of January 25th, they had cleared more than 1,000 m of snow from the entrance and exit section of Shugang Expressway; and on the morning of January 26th, they had cleared more than 500 m of snow from the non-motorized road at the junction of Chengang Road and Ganghua Road. Over 170 people composed a crack anti-snow team, including all the members and workers of WISDRI’s Guanggu Avenue Project Department. They cooperated in using 4 forklifts and 2 flat cars to spread snow-melting salt, and cleared the snow in the regions along Guanggu Avenue (Chuangye Road to Jinronggang 4th Road) and Third Ring Road (Guanggu Avenue to Laowuhuang Interchange). By 21:00 on January 28th, 16 km of snow and thin ice had been cleared from the sections of Guanggu Avenue and Third Ring Road, and vehicles could pass smoothly without being blocked. MCC WSGRI organized relevant personnel to carry out early snow removal and barrier clearance work on the weekend, and gathered nearly 100 volunteers to break the ice and remove the snow with shovels, brooms and other tools on the morning of January 29th. MCC22’s Jining Flyover Project Department urgently convened a general meeting of Party branch members, established a snow-clearing anti-freezing team composed of branch Party members and Party application activists, and focused on clearing the snow from the project site and surrounding roads.

  In fighting against such severe snowstorm weather, the MCC Group fully carried forward the simple yet profound MCC spirit of ‘Never delaying and never slacking’, arranged the work, ensured that the personnel and measures were in place, and demonstrated the social responsibility and practical undertaking of a central enterprise. At present, no serious accidents with casualties occurred at any of the MCC Group’s projects and premises, and the production operation of all subsidiaries and project departments is stable. (Party Committee Publicity Department)