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MCC Group Convenes First Party Construction Work Progress Meeting in 2018
CopyFrom: Date:30 January 2018
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  On January 26th, the MCC Group convened the First Party Construction Work Progress Meeting of Beijing Enterprises in 2018, at which the Group’s Party construction work achievements in 2017 were fully summarized and the planning schemes for the promotion activity themed ‘Continuing to Write MCC’s Most Important Reform Stories in the New Era’ were conveyed and deployed. It was attended by MCC Group Organization Party Committee Secretary Lin Jinzhen and presided over by MCC Group Party Group Work Department (Party Committee Publicity Department and Enterprise Culture Department) Director and Organization Party Committee Deputy Secretary Qi Dongping.

  It was emphasized that this meeting is a big event in national political life and a major legislative activity affecting the overall situation of taking Xi Jinping Thought on Socialism with Chinese Characteristics for a New Era as the guide and appropriately amending the Party Constitution. It is necessary to fully and deeply learn and implement the spirits of the Party’s 19th National Congress and 19th Second Plenary Session, fully recognize the significance of the constitutional amendment, strictly observe political principles and regulations, solidly improve the political stance, practically unify our thoughts and actions with the spirit of General Secretary Xi Jinping’s important speech at the Party’s 19th Second Plenary Session and its deployment requirements, enhance the ‘four consciousnesses’, reinforce the ‘four confidences’, steadfastly safeguard General Secretary Xi Jinping’s core position in the Central Party and the whole Party, and the authority and centralized and unified leadership of the Central Party with cadre Xi Jinping at its core, and always keep in line with the Central Party with cadre Xi Jinping at its core in political stance, direction, principles and roads.

  At the meeting, it was pointed out that in 2017, with the MCC Group Party Committee’s correct leadership and under the movement and inspiration of the MCC spirit, the Party Group Work Department paid close attention to work style construction, adhered to proper and correct actions, and established an integration work framework for Party construction and MCC Group thought and culture publicity. Each task was appropriately completed in an orderly manner with a down-to-earth work style. ‘Unity presents force and insistence brings effects’. It is important to adhere to convening the Party Construction Work Progress Meeting of Beijing Enterprises every quarter, specially hold the Party Construction Work Forum of Shanghai Enterprises, define Party construction work thoughts with ‘detailed, early and solid attention’, deeply conduct inspections and research, and organize Party construction work inspections in the four regions of Shanghai, Wuhan, Chengdu and Chongqing, as well as certain Beijing enterprises. The Group’s Party construction thought and culture promotion battleground follows the MCC spirit of ‘Never delaying and never slacking. It is vital to be responsible, make achievements and efforts, set up a base for constructing the MCC leadership brand, conduct the promotional activities themed ‘recasting national strength’ and ‘telling the most important stories in the history of Chinese state-owned enterprises’, unite together, carry out simultaneous publicity internally and externally, fully carry forward MCC’s vivid Party construction experience of ‘one core and five leadings’, fully present the ‘Huge MCC Change’ brought by MCC spanning development and reform road which started at the ‘September 5th’ meeting, and make full use of CCTV to continuously expand MCC’s brand influence. MCC’s accumulated broadcast time over the whole of last year reached over 300 minutes, with an audience of over a billion viewers. 2018 sees the 70th anniversary of the first MCC team and the 40th anniversary of the national reform and opening-up policies. The MCC Party Committee will conduct promotional activities themed ‘Entering the New Era and Continuing to Tell MCC’s Most Important Reform Stories’. These activities set foot on the Group’s ‘Five-in-One’ publicity platform, inspire and motivate the initiative and creativity of MCC employees, carry forward MCC’s Party construction experience of ‘one core five leaders’, add luster to the MCC leadership brand, boost the mission of ‘being the best and restarting business again’, and present the strength of the ‘red genes’, ‘blue fantasy’ and ‘golden wish’ of MCC employees in the new era.

  At the meeting, the Party construction work achievements of 2017 were summarized and three requirements for the work of 2018 put forward:

  First, it is necessary to firmly grasp all key Party construction work, fully and deeply learn the spirits of the 19th National Congress and the series of important speeches by General Secretary Xi Jinping, arm our minds and guide our practices with Xi Jinping Thought on Socialism with Chinese Characteristics for a New Era, and promote enterprise production operation and reform development. It is vital to further conduct education themed ‘staying true to the original intention and keeping the mission in mind, and improving the political quality and theoretical training of all Party members’. It is also necessary to carefully summarize the Party construction work of 2017, regard the ‘mission list for the full and strict governance of the Party (53 items), and breakdown table of Party construction missions (46 items) and list of state-owned enterprises’ Party construction missions (51 items)’ as the working basis, check item by item, combine the current key Party construction work and make solid plans for the key Party construction work mission list of 2018.

  Second, it is vital to adhere to and grasp the Party construction work, give full play to the Party Committee’s role in ‘defining the direction, managing the overall layout and guaranteeing the implementation’, and solidly carry out the ‘three important and one big’ system. It is vital for the Party construction work of 2018 to grasp both the grassroots and branches, achieve the ‘three synchronizations’, combine the features of construction enterprises, perfect organization construction as soon as possible and make innovations to the working methods of the branches. It is necessary to enhance guidance, help second-level legal entity branches to give full play to their potential, thoroughly amend and complete the relevant regulations and procedures for branches to participate in enterprise decisions and agendas, give full play to the ‘battlewagon’ role of the branches, grasp learning, education and training, amend, perfect and release the Branch Work Manuals as soon as possible, and further stipulate Party branch construction, as well as firmly and solidly seizing the ‘three meetings and one class’ system and combining it with the actual work to achieve improved guidance practice.

  Third, it is important to continue to do a good job in popularization. In 2017, the Group completed a large amount of popularization work and made excellent achievements. It is vital to summarize and present the positive aspects, be skilled at identifying the highlights, carry out the effective popularization of the enterprise, project and employer brands, strengthen promotion system and promotion team construction, organize and motivate all MCC people, and provide correspondents with corresponding vocational development space and inspirational policies.

  At the meeting, a requirement was made for all units to seriously implement the meeting spirit, immediately report to their unit leaders and convey and deploy the internal unit systems. 2018 is the year of Party construction quality improvement. It is necessary to continue to carry forward MCC’s traditional advantages and highlights, bear the burdens of the work of 2018, implement the work sooner, more specifically and more solidly, continue to carry out every task, make practical effects, firmly develop MCC’s characteristic Party construction work and further improve the contents of the quarterly Party construction work progress meeting. In the future, it is important to allocate time for a Party construction work progress meeting in every quarter. The Beijing units shall report their achievements in quarterly Party construction work, communicate with each other, point out the current main problems in Party construction work, voice relevant opinions and suggestions, jointly promote the further development of the Party construction work, and improve the quality and efficiency of the Party construction work progress meeting.

  The meeting was attended by the Party construction sub-management leaders and Party Group Work Department principals of Beijing units.