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CISDI’s Small-bore Steel Tube Hot Continuous Rolling Complete Technology Reaches International Advanced Level
CopyFrom: Date:30 January 2018
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  On January 27th, CISDI’s complete set of equipment for the Jiangsu Chengde 127 mm Three-roller Continuous Rolling Tube Project smoothly passed its professional major subject basic design examination and detailed design examination of mechanical equipment.

  The Jiangsu Chengde 127 mm three-roller continuous rolling tube unit is designed to produce seamless steel tubes with external diameters of Φ32 - Φ114.3 mm, wall thicknesses of 3.5 - 16 mm, and lengths of 6 - 13.5 m. The annual capacity reaches 200,000 tons. CISDI undertook the complete-set supply of tube billet saw-cutting, hot continuous rolling, full-set pre-finishing (except for eddy current inspection and other single devices) and electromechanical equipment for seamless steel tube production use, as well as factory design. This is CISDI’s second small-bore seamless steel tube hot continuous rolling project following the application of the world’s first six-rack three-roller continuous rolled tube unit in Linzhou Fengbao’s Φ89mm unit for small-bore seamless steel tube production. Compared with Fengbao’s units, this unit is planned to produce products with a wider wall thickness range. The products include T91, super 13Cr and other high alloy steel products with higher production difficulty and stability requirements.

  In this project, CISDI undertook the design and manufacturing of many key main devices, including the annular furnaces, punchers, mandrel pipe mills, stretch-reduction mills and straightening machines, using independently developed hydraulic joystick control technology, high-precision groove design, mandrel pipe mills, stretch-reduction mill mathematical model control technology, mandrel pipe mill sharpening rolling technology, stretch-reduction mill CEC control technology and other advanced technologies. The main devices and technology indexes have reached the international advanced level.