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Shanghai Baoye Signs Contract for 2022 Winter Olympics National Bobsleigh and Tobogganing Center Project
CopyFrom: Date:29 December 2017
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  On December 2017, on the occasion of ringing out the old year and in with the new, Shanghai Baoye signed a contract for the Beijing 2022 Winter Olympics National Bobsleigh and Tobogganing Center Project. By virtue of its strength as a professional service provider of top global events, following the construction of venues for such world-famous events as the BRICS Summit, G20 Summit, APEC Conference, World Expo, Summer Games, National University Games, World Youth Buddhist Symposium, Asian Games, and National Games, Shanghai Baoye won another world-class project with the style of a domestically first-class ‘Whole Life Cycle Service Building Provider’ on the world’s top buildings stage, polished its ‘professional service provider for global top event venues’ business card and demonstrated its strength to the world.

  Architecture Dialogue: Upon Completion, China’s First Winter Olympics, the Country’s First and the World’s 16th Track will be Authenticated by Two Individual International Organizations

  On July 31st, 2015, at the International Olympic Committee’s 128th Conference held in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, International Olympic Committee President Bach declared that China Beijing had won the right to host the 24th Winter Olympics in 2022. Beijing also made history by becoming the first city to host both the Summer and Winter Olympics.

  As General Secretary Xi Jinping pointed out in his 19th National Congress Report, extensively conduct nationwide fitness activities, accelerate and promote the construction of sports power, and make good preparations for the Beijing Winter Olympics and Winter Paralympic Games. This is the first time that China has hosted the Winter Olympics and an important opportunity for China to present its national image, promote national development and mobilize the national spirit, playing a powerful tractive role in Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei Integration Development. This is undoubtedly another chance for China to present itself to the world after its successful hosting of the 2008 Summer Olympics.

  For a global sports event, the importance of the field facilities speaks for itself. The National Bobsleigh and Tobogganing Center will undertake all bobsleigh, skeleton and sleigh events during the competition. After the competition, it will be used as China’s national training base, international bobsleigh and tobogganing sports field, experience and visit site, and other functions. The main track is the country’s first and Asia’s third, requiring the authentication of two individual international organizations (IBSF International Bobsleigh & Skeleton Federation and FIL International Luge Federation). It has the most complicated facilities, the highest design difficulty and the greatest construction difficulty among all Winter Olympics infrastructure. As a first-class domestic and global stadium constructor, Shanghai Baoye finally won the bidding for the general contracting construction project of this domestic first world-class engineering by virtue of the comprehensive strength it has accumulated for many years.

  Located on the southward hill in the southwest of the Beijing Winter Olympics Yanqing Core Competition Area, the National Bobsleigh and Tobogganing Center Project has a total area of about 19 hectares and a total building area of about 125,937 m2, and mainly includes the main track, training track and auxiliary building. The main track has a total length of about 1,935 m, 16 curves are set, among which the 11th curve is slalom curve, and it will be Asia’s only track with slalom curve. The peak elevation is 1,019 m and the lowest point elevation is 892 m. The difference reaches 127 m, equal to the height of 47-storey building. The track has 5 departure areas, one of which is for tourists after the competition. The maximum sliding speed of the track is 134.4 km/h, 12% faster than the maximum speed limit of an expressway. The greatest centrifugal acceleration reaches 4.7 g. The track uses a direct evaporation ammonia refrigeration system. The auxiliary building has a planned area of about 76,000 m2 and a building area of about 30,000 m2, and includes departure areas, end zones, refrigeration stations, operation zones, spectator stands and other buildings. It is planned to be constructed within 638 calendar days.

  Technology Dialogue: The First Innovative Cutting-edge Forefront Construction Technology for an Internationalization Project, Leading Several Domestic ‘Firsts’

  This is an internationalization project which draws the world’s attention and challenges the general contractor’s international engineering technology development ability. As an architecture integration technology service provider at the international advanced level, Shanghai Baoye collects excellent technical resources, deeply researches the architecture production system and relevant technologies, takes the standardization design, factorization production, assembly construction, integration decoration, informatization management and intelligent application as the goals, completes the technology system, promotes engineering practices, accelerates industrialization progress, conducts deep research in BIM technology, PC structure, steel structure, mechanical and electronic modules, architectural decoration, new construction material and other aspects, and forms core technologies and products with proprietary intellectual property rights.

  The National Bobsleigh and Tobogganing Center is a ‘pioneering work’ of internationalization, supported not only by brave innovation but also scientific verification. Its site must obtain individual international organizations’ authentication. The track’s CL6.5 center line was designed by the German Deyle Company and authenticated by an individual international organization. With close international attention and high requirements for ecological protection, it is vital to closely follow the Winter Olympics’ concept of ‘hosting a green Olympics, pursuing sustainable development for the regional environment, practicability and ecology protection, and adhering to conservation’ to build a sustainable Winter Olympics demonstration project.

  The project has an excellent design scheme. Due to its design particularity, it is the country’s first project with innovative and cutting-edge construction technology among similar projects, leading several domestic ‘firsts’. First, it is the first time that the high precision three-dimensional spatial measurement of BIM technology has been combined with the application of inspection technology. The project site has complicated terrain. The track’s center line has an irregular line type and high control requirements. The track is a complicated hyperboloid structure with a complicated structural hierarchical design, many spatial location points and high precision requirements. The evenness of the track’s surface also has high control requirements. Second, the design of the sprayed concrete mix proportion breaks foreign the monopoly on the mix proportion of concrete with high density and high intensity injection. The sprayed concrete for the track not only requires a certain strength, density and acoustic anti-permeability, but also has high freezing and thawing resistance class requirements, good crack resistance and low shrinkage, good surface modification and adjustability of setting time. A special mix proportion of sprayed concrete needs to be developed for the Yanqing competition area. Third, the hyperboloid track’s spray-up process technology with spatial warping is the country’s first. The track is hyperboloid with spatial warping. The high intensity spray concrete construction technology for the hyperboloid track has no relevant domestic standards or similar construction engineering experience. As the country’s first high intensity hyperboloid spray concrete track, it will become a new milestone in domestic wet spraying concrete technology, able to create more profound social value. Fourth, there is no other case in the country of hyperboloid refrigeration piping clamp and refrigeration piping processing and installation technology. The ammonia refrigeration piping clamp is the basis of the refrigeration piping installation and positioning. The refrigeration piping track has a tight configuration which makes the installation and positioning difficult, the molding complicated and the welding working space narrow. It is a key procedure during the whole track’s construction process with many elevations and positioning control points, difficult adjustment and complicated molding.

  Concept Dialogue: Passing the ‘Professional Service Provider for Global Top Event Venues’ Business Card to the World

  The construction of Winter Olympics facilities is an important project concerning national strength and image, the significance of which speaks for itself. Before the National Bobsleigh and Tobogganing Center Project bidding, with the close attention of President Bai Xiaohu and General Manager Chen Gang, Shanghai Baoye adhered to the firm belief of observing sportsmanship and devoting itself to the Olympics, and will positively integrate its excellent resources, deeply conduct the comprehensive technology innovation, research and development of the National Bobsleigh and Tobogganing Center Project, and break through the foreign technology monopoly. Shanghai Baoye will successfully achieve a journey from ‘0’ to ‘1’ in this large and complicated project, provide a full guarantee for the hosting of a ‘wonderful, outstanding and remarkable’ Winter Olympics, fulfill Beijing’s Olympic bid promises and successfully pass its ‘professional service provider for global top event venues’ business card to the world.

  Shanghai Baoye has become attached to the Olympics, boosts the world’s top first-class sports competitions with ‘quality’, goes all out in infrastructure construction, yields unusually brilliant results in the construction of venue for such global events as the BRICS Summit, G20 Summit, APEC Conference, Olympic Games, World Expo, National University Games, World Youth Assembly, Asian Games, National Games and Traditional Games of Ethnic Minorities, becomes the China’s top architecture contracting enterprise, smoothly achieves the ‘grand slam’ of domestic and foreign events, and presents the tremendous strength of Chinese architecture enterprises to the world.

  ‘Baoye production, craftsman’s promise’. Via the National Bobsleigh and Tobogganing Center Project of the 2022 Winter Olympics, Shanghai Baoye has obtained a precious opportunity to ‘communicate’ with an international project, thus further opening a full dialogue window with the world in architecture concepts, construction technology and other aspects. In the near future, the track will soon rise from the ground and vividly show itself to the world, conforming to and meeting international competition requirements. This architectural miracle will spread all over the world from here. Facing the people’s affirmation and expectation, Shanghai Baoye’s constructors are calm, silently preparing with a still, relaxed and temperate attitude, waiting for the world to discover this project’s considerable magnificence, connecting the world through ‘bifacial embroidery’, and rewriting the legend and glory of ‘the world’s first-class event service provider’.