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Signing of Core Winter Olympics Construction Project and Article on ‘Beautiful MCC’ Sets New Views Record
CopyFrom: Date:29 December 2017
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  On New Year’s Eve of 2018, MCC employees received the excellent news that the MCC Group’s Shanghai Baoye Group had successfully signed a contract for the 2022 Winter Olympics National Bobsleigh and Tobogganing Center Project by virtue of its strength as a professional service provider for top global events. After the construction of venues for world famous events including the BRICS Summit, G20 Summit, APEC Conference, World Expo, Summer Games, Asian Games and National Games, the company won another world-class project with the style of a domestically first-class ‘Whole Life Cycle Building Service Provider’ on the world’s top buildings stage, polished its ‘professional service provider for global top event venues’ business card, completely achieved a ‘grand slam’ in domestic and global events, and presented the tremendous strength of Chinese building enterprises to the world.

  On December 30th, a special WeChat article entitled ‘Grand Slam - MCC Group Signs Contract for 2022 Winter Olympics National Bobsleigh and Tobogganing Center Project’, elaborately planned and written by the MCC Group’s Official WeChat Account ‘Beautiful MCC’, quickly drew extensive attention from all sectors of society. All followers who care for and support MCC’s development cheered at this news, and reposted and liked the article. Xinhuanet, China News, Wenweipo, Sina, NetEase, Ifeng and other domestic mainstream media groups released and transferred the article. When the special WeChat article had been published for less than 10 hours, the views quantity rapidly broke over 100,000. It was over 180,000 within 24 hours, setting a new record for a single WeChat article since the opening of the ‘Beautiful MCC’ official account. This is the pride of MCC employees and another vivid case example of them recasting the ‘national strength’, enriching and developing the main businesses, climbing to another peak and building and upgrading the MCC Group’s world first-class brand. It also fully presents the new height of MCC’s brand image and further improves the MCC Group’s popularity, loyalty and reputation.

  Upon the approach of the New Year, MCC employees continuously light the road to a Beautiful MCC with their new performance, achievements and contributions.