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New Year Message - Enter the New Era and Continue to Write MCC’s ‘Most Important Reform Stories’
CopyFrom: Date:29 December 2017
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       Time flies to 2018. The rising sun of the new era has appeared over the horizon and shines to light the way for MCC people to advance bravely.

  As time flies, an indelible mark is left in the course of history. For over 5 years, China has carried out ‘the bravest system experiment and development practice’, and written down the CPC members’ responsibilities with ‘incredible’ success. In 2012, many people’s expectations were not optimistic. At the ‘difficult moment’, everyone was watching and waiting. As General Secretary Xi Jinping said in his heroic declaration, “Just through hardship, things look more resolute; just by practicing sincerely, things can become more precious.” We have advanced bravely for 5 years during which there has been a continued depression in the world economy and China's economy has become the world economy’s engine, with an average growth contribution rate of over 30%, outshining others. For over 5 years, the MCC Group has told the ‘most important stories’ in the reform history of Chinese state-owned enterprises after the double disasters of being knocked down by risk and dragged down by difficulties. For these 5 years, MCC people have shown their own vivid vision, first in Zhanjiang Steel and Iron and then in Vietnam Ha Tinh Steel and Iron, which signals that the Chinese nation’s metallurgical construction has welcomed a great leap from standing up to becoming rich to becoming strong, ushering in bright prospects for China’s steel and iron construction to lead the world.

  Looking back from the mountaintop of history several years later, it can be more distinctly seen that the achievements we have recorded in history belong to the five years since September 5th, 2012. Having been cultivated for 5 years, the ‘awakened’ MCC has solved many long-standing problems and accomplished many things that needed to be accomplished in the past, jointly entering a new era of Socialism with Chinese Characteristics with the country.

  2017 was a year of landmark meaning for our country’s development. The 19th National Congress of the CPC was successfully convened and China’s development has sailed through wind and waves under the correct guidance of Xi Jinping’s Thought on Socialism with Chinese Characteristics for a New Era. With the correct leadership of the Group’s Party Committee, MCC personnel have set up a themed communication platform to recast the national strength and tell the ‘most important stories’ in the history of Chinese state-owned enterprises. This is based on forging MCC’s leadership brand construction, being of one mind from top to bottom, being in the same step in interior and exterior communications, comprehensively carrying forward MCC’s fresh and vital Party building experience of ‘one core and five leadings’, comprehensively showing ‘MCC’s huge changes’ brought by its great-leap-forward development and reform methods launched at the ‘September 5th’ Meeting and comprehensively presenting powerful MCC’s strength condensed into ‘red genes’, ‘blue fantasy’ and ‘golden wish’. Under the mighty guidance of the new strategic positioning of being the ‘national team of metallurgical construction, the main force of infrastructure construction and the pacesetter of emerging industries, insisting on taking the road of high-tech construction in the long term’, all MCC’s leaders and employees have increasing enthusiasm to strive to forge the world-leading national team of metallurgical construction and operation services, continuously deepen reform and realize comprehensive transformation. MCC is gaining more and more paths, with the ‘construction experience of Baosteel’s national team of construction operation services’ as one representative. There are more and more MCC stories, with the publication of ‘MCC’s experience in Hengqin’ to promote the national strategy as the representative. There are more and more MCC creations, with MCC Heavy Machinery’s PBC-380 molten iron transport cart, ‘the first in Asia’, as the representative. There are more and more MCC legends, with one Chinese patent gold medal every year and Ning Xianhai winning the welding gold medal again in the World Skills Competition. These have become the new connotations and annotations of the MCC brand, composing the ‘fifth fiery-red movement’ of the ‘most important stories’ that MCC people continue to write in this new era in the reform history of Chinese state-owned enterprises.

  Many events that occurred in 2017 can be dated to the five years since the ‘September 5th’ Meeting in 2012. We also believe that in 2018 we will still feel the powerful influence brought by 2017.

  Marching into the future, the new coordinates are distinct and visible. 2018 is the opening year for implementing the spirit of the 19th National Congress of the CPC, the 40th anniversary of the reform and opening-up policy, and a critical connection year for securing a decisive victory in completing the construction of a moderately prosperous society in all respects and implementing the ‘13th Five-Year’ Plan.

  In what state will we welcome the New Year? What kind of deed will be used to start the new journey? ‘Never delaying and never slacking’ is still our most powerful answer to the questions of the era.

  Struggling in the new era is the journey of ‘Never delaying and never slacking’. Without the feelings of loyalty to the Party and serving the country in ‘Never delaying and never slacking’, there would never have been MCC’s ‘historical reform’ and ‘historical achievements’ over the last 5 years. The political style guidance of ‘Never delaying and never slacking’ must be long insisted upon in being loyal to the Party and serving the country.

  It is necessary to perform duties tirelessly and loyally. This is the philosophical source of the MCC spirit ‘Never delaying and never slacking’. ‘Loyalty’ means that MCC personnel will to be loyal to the Party and serve the country, which is the internal core of the five leadings in MCC’s Party building experience of ‘one core and five leadings’. We have always firmly insisted on the leadership of the Party and implemented political style leading, strategy leading, leading with solving reform problems, system innovation leading and state-owned enterprise culture leading, which is the source of MCC’s strength. The political style leading of ‘Never delaying and never slacking’ is always the first to be deeply rooted in the blood of all MCC people, which they cannot and dare not forget. MCC’s strength comes from the powerful ‘red genes’ of MCC personnel, who are of good descent and sound development. MCC people have inherited the ‘red genes’ of being loyal to the Party for several generations. Just by relying on and carrying forward MCC’s Party building experience, we have climbed the ‘Snow Mountains’, moved the ‘Three Big Mountains’ and gone along MCC’s great-leap-forward development and revolution road; it is also necessary for us to move forward on the high-quality development road by continuously depending on and carrying forward MCC’s Party building experience.

  Struggling in the new era is the journey of ‘Being the Best and Restarting Business Again’. It is considered by famous state-owned enterprise reform expert and Research Institute of the Voice of Chinese Enterprises President Li Jin that 2018 is the first year of high-quality development and a reform year for state-owned enterprises. Many new changes will occur. The whole of reform is a transition in the face of new stages. Supply side reform is a method for solving the problem of ‘what to do’, while high-quality development is a method for solving the problems of ‘how to do it’ and ‘how well it is done’, which are the standard problems. To ‘Be the Best and Restart Business Again’ is MCC’s difficult requirement for high quality. On October 18th, 2013, the Group put forward the ‘MCC people’s mission’, namely standing at the high end of international level and the commanding height of the whole metallurgical industry, and undertaking the state responsibility to guide China’s metallurgy to develop to a higher level with the best core technology, irreplaceable whole metallurgical industry chain integration advantages and continual innovation capability. MCC people shall always keep it in mind, implement it with their actions and reflect it in their achievements. Under the guidance of the new China Minmetals’ goal of ‘walking for three steps, two doubling’, the MCC Group will focus on high quality, gather strength for new development, forge the first national team of metallurgical construction and operation services in the world and occupy 80% of the total volume of the world’s steel and iron construction in 2020. The starting point of ‘Being the Best and Restarting Business Again’ is to closely follow the new requirements put forward in the new era and reach ‘high quality’. On October 30th, China Minmetals General Manager & Party Group Deputy Secretary and MCC Group President & Party Committee Secretary Guo Wenqing emphasized, “The national team of metallurgical construction shall focus on MCC’s main business for the second time and ‘be the best and restart business again’. Focusing for the second time is different from focusing for the first time in 2012. It does not only mean focusing on metallurgical design and construction, but also focusing on green construction, energy conservation and environmental protection, process promotion and technology innovation, focusing on improving the development quality of China’s whole steel and iron industry, and focusing on providing high-quality operation services for steel and iron enterprises oriented with the global steel and iron industry structure transformation and upgrading demands, featuring green, intelligent and service-oriented characteristics, and realizing the move from pure design and construction to the integrated deep extension of technologies, products, management and service. MCC’s strength is sourced from the intense ‘blue fantasy’ of MCC personnel with the best technology. MCC’s enterprises shall closely follow the Group’s new requirements, firmly focus on enhancing their innovation capability and promote their competitiveness in research and development, services, business models and other aspects; it is necessary to quicken industrial expansion and form an industry system with the coordinated development of a construction entity economy, scientific and technological innovation, modern finance and human resources; it is necessary to enhance leadership, insist on the core idea of ‘value thought and profit orientation’, surround the core main business, forge core technologies that are first-class in the world, professional brands that are first-class in the world, and become a city and industry development system solution provider and project life cycle service provider that is first-class in the world, as well as building MCC into a comprehensive engineering company that is first-class in the world with international competitiveness; it is necessary to implement refined management, promote project management and control capability, and benefit from project management; it is necessary to make sufficient efforts with real practices and solid work in stimulating vitality, fighting capacity and other aspects. It is necessary to realize and grasp the steel and iron development tendencies in the new era comprehensively and soberly but not partially, capture the enterprise’s advantages accurately but not roughly, and do solid work resolutely but not clumsily. It is necessary to aim at being first-class in the world, lead a backbone team to seize every minute, strive to be strong, make accurate efforts at top speed, confirm the targets, strengthen investment, do well in technological breakthrough guarantees and break through the monopoly earlier.

  Struggling in the new era is the journey of showing China’s increasing steel and iron strength along the ‘Belt and Road’. As the ‘propeller’ leading China to step from being a big steel and iron country to a strong steel and iron country, the ‘guardian’ of the dream of a strong steel and iron country, and the ‘main leader’ going global with metallurgical equipment and capacity cooperation, the MCC Group has shouldered its solemn historical mission. MCC’s strength is sourced from the solemn ‘golden wish’ of MCC personnel to cast the world wholeheartedly. Nowadays, MCC occupies 63% of the total volume of steel and iron construction worldwide, and has become the world’s steel and iron construction center. The historical course of China’s steel and iron strength in ‘becoming stronger’ and moving from imitating and following the world to guiding the world proves that Xi Jinping’s judgment for the new era has profound practical foundations, and it is a great and convincing judgment relying on China’s practices. The MCC Group has provided operation technology service capability for 19 domestic and foreign large-scale steel and iron enterprises, making it the champion of the world. Model innovation is a new advantage formed through reform and innovation. The in-system technology service model that originated from Japan’s Nippon Steel turned into the outside-system joint stock partnership model after being introduced into Baosteel, and has developed into the BOO operation primary model currently in operation in Zhanjiang. To realize development from a low-level balance of supply and demand to a high-level balance of supply and demand in ferrous metallurgy driven by innovation has already become the top service mode in the world’s metallurgical construction industry. Our practices have corresponded with ‘supporting the upgrading and optimization of traditional industries, quickening the development of the modern service industry, aiming to promote the level of international standards, promoting our country’s industry to step towards the middle and high-end in the global value chain, and cultivating several world-level advanced manufacturing industry groups’ put forward in the report given at the 19th National Congress of the CPC. The world needs oriental wisdom, the world expects China’s plans and the world anticipates China’s steel and iron power. China’s steel and iron is at the center of the world stage, making greater contributions to human life.

  This is China’s best era. It is also a splendid era for every MCC staff member.

  People often hope that they can live in a great era; but when they do, will they fully understand the appearance and meaning of that era? As Guo Wenqing said in a sentence widely known to MCC personnel, “The objective of forging the national team is not for MCC or China but for the world; the vision of forging the national team is not in the past or present but in the future.” The future means now and the new era opened with the 19th National Congress of the CPC; the world is the market in countries and regions along the ‘Belt and Road’ route. Now, standing at the starting point of the new era, we are closer to the dream and the objective than ever before. Everyone’s future and destiny are closely related with the dream and the objective.

  Guo Wenqing eagerly sends these words to all MCC personnel: ‘We shall closely combine our personal ideals, ambitions and value pursuits with the country’s future, the nation’s destiny and the enterprise’s mission, work with undivided attention, struggle for the enterprise in the long term, be willing to share weal and woe, realize win-win development along with the enterprise, contribute our wisdom and strength, and realize the value of life in the new era with the best mental state, greatest work enthusiasm and highest work standard.

  In 2018, we will start again. The great new era has arrived. We shall firmly grasp and carry forward MCC’s power source ‘one core and five leadings’, blaze a trail, march forward bravely and enable the ‘red genes’ to be brighter, ‘blue fantasy’ to be more resounding and ‘golden wish’ to be more lasting. MCC people are more than capable of creating the worthy new glory of the new era and continuing to write the ‘most important story’ in the bright history of Chinese state-owned enterprise reform. The goal of being the first national team of metallurgical construction and operation services in the world can surely be reached.

  In this new era, we should ‘never delay and never slack’.

  We wish each MCC staff member to be their best self in struggling, continuously moving forward and depending on each other! We wish for our great motherland to create a more glorious future in our joint struggle!