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MCC Group Completes Malaysia-China Kuantan Alliance Steel Rolling Unit
CISDI’s Complete Equipment Bar Production Line Starts Pilot Production
CopyFrom: Date:28 December 2017
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  On December 28th, the steel rolling unit of the Malaysia-China Kuantan Industrial Park Alliance Steel Project constructed by MCC19 was completed, for which CISDI Group supplied complete equipment, and the highline and No. 2 bar production line entered the pilot production stage. This promotes the major achievements made by the Malaysia-China Kuantan Industrial Park, a major governmental project directly proposed and driven by Chinese and Malaysian leaders, and a ‘Belt and Road’ pioneering demonstration project.

  A grand pilot production ceremony was held at the steel rolling unit site and attended by project investor and the relevant leaders of Alliance Steel (M) Sdn Bhd and all construction units, who witnessed the pilot production process. MCC Group Chief Engineer Xiao Peng, CISDI General Manager Yu Chaohui, MCC19 Vice-President Cai Zhongbin and MCC CIE Municipal Engineering Company Vice-General Manager Feng Xiande were invited to give speeches.

  Capacity cooperation is an important cooperation field planned by China and Malaysia. As the first project to enter the Malaysia-China Kuantan Industrial Park, this Alliance Steel project has a designed annual capacity of 3.5 million high-end bars and H-type steel beams, and will radiate throughout the markets of Southeast Asia and surrounding areas. CISDI undertook the overall design, material purchasing and management, and core unit equipment completion. It also used the globally mainstream whole-process steel smelting processing and internationally advanced environmental protection technology. Upon completion, this project will reach the world’s leading level in the key technology indexes, become the fine bar industrial base with Malaysia’s largest iron and steel plant and greatest competitiveness in Southeast Asia, greatly promote bilateral economic trade between China and Malaysia, and set another example in ‘Belt and Road’ construction and equipment cooperation.

  In the process of completing the steel rolling unit bar production line, CISDI was in charge of the whole-line process design and complete equipment supply, adopted key process technologies including CCDR, no hole rolling, no twist rolling, high-speed rolling and temperature-controlled rolling, and installed such core equipment as the independently researched and manufactured short-stress line mill, flying shear and main drive with direct current CISDI eventually completed the rolling project with the highest technology and automation level in Malaysia, and the shortest construction period among comparable foreign projects, and demonstrated the international first-class level of Chinese iron and steel technology companies in design, equipment manufacturing, automatic adjustment and system integration. According to the designed targets, the highest rolling speed of the highline is 105 m/s, and the highest of the bar line is 45 m/s, which are at the world’s top level; this manifests the international competitiveness of ‘Made in China’, embodies CISDI’s responsibly and confidence in being the ‘national team’ of metallurgical construction, and continuous exploration and innovation in the international high-end arena, and promotes a vivid practice of Chinese metallurgy ‘being the best and restarting business again’.

  The bar production line was electrically connected on November 21st, 2017. The CISDI team made elaborate adjustments, strived to complete the key nodes, achieved the punctual breakthrough of the highline and bar line, and continuously added steel structure. The equipment is operating stably and has obtained the owner’s affirmation. At present, over 6,000 people from 11 MCC Group subsidiaries are enhancing the construction to ensure the completion and production of all units of the Alliance Steel Project according to the current set goals.