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Zhang Mengxing Attends Hebei Provincial First Garden Expo Opening Ceremony
Consoles Front-line Staff of CTMCC’s Hengshui Project Department
CopyFrom: Date:17 July 2017
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  ‘Garden Expo Gala, Intoxicating Hengshui’. On July 15th, the Hebei Provincial First Garden Expo was grandly kicked off in Hengshui City. MCC Group and MCC Deputy Party Committee Secretary and MCC Group President Zhang Mengxing was invited to attend and inspect the MCC Group’s ‘Heavenly Creations’ Park.

  The Garden Expo Enterprise Park has 7 venues from MCC, CSCEC, CHREC, Greentown, Hengshui Laobaigan, Yangyuan and Taihua respectively. As an important construction unit in Hebei, MCC has participated in the construction of many important projects in the province, thereby taking its place at the Expo. Covering a land area of 1,200 m2 and a building area of 263 m2, the ‘Heavenly Creations’ Enterprise Park lies in the south of the whole Expo area.

  Zhang Mengxing and his delegation visited the displays and performance information in all the exhibition areas of the ‘Heavenly Creations’ Park, gave favorable comments on the modern technological measures taken by the CTMCC Group to present its enterprise performance, and encouraged CTMCC to greatly explore the Hebei market and make efforts to obtain further fruitful achievements. On the same day, the relevant leaders of the Ministry of Housing and Urban-Rural Development, Hebei Province and Hengshui City also visited and inspected the ‘Heavenly Creations’ Park in the company of MCC personnel Zeng Jianzhong, Zhou Qing, Liu Bo, Yang Kui and others.

  Zhang Mengxing listened to the progress reports of the Hengshui High-speed Rail Station Square Project and Comprehensive Pipe Gallery Test Section Project contracted by CTMCC, and affirmed the achievements of the newly organized CTMCC and the implementation of project control enhancement measures. He emphasized that this year is the MCC Group’s project management improvement year, and enhancing project control is the priority of MCC’s work. President Guo Wenqing has proposed the enhancement of the ‘7 types of awareness’, of which the very first one is awareness of project exploration and control. He stressed that project control is the starting point and objective of MCC’s management work. The Group’s headquarter organs and departments must support and serve the project departments.

  Zhang Mengxing then gave important instructions for subsequent work. First, MCC has successfully transformed to expand its expertise beyond the iron and steel. In recent years, the Group has continuously set foot in emerging markets and obtained remarkable achievements. Taking the comprehensive pipe galleries of Hengshui as an example, MCC has fully demonstrated the prefabricated pipe gallery, cast-in-place pipe gallery and steel pipe gallery. All our comrades must remain alert. The MCC Group pays close attention to current achievements in the Hengshui market. We must carry out every project at hand to excellent standards of quality, retain the hard-earned Hengshui market and be resolute in implementing ‘securing the market from the construction site’. As subjects of major responsibility, the project departments must give full play to the MCC spirit of ‘Never delaying and never slacking’, complete projects well, try to carry out major marketing, present a little more of the ‘wolf nature’ (in other words, an acute sense of smell), quick reflexes and the spirit of solidarity and cooperation in marketing, positively explore regional markets, establish close contact with local governments and enterprises, seek for more extensive cooperation and realize the smooth development of all projects. This requires the project managers to possess high comprehensive quality, the good mastering of professional knowledge and the ability to explore the markets, fulfill their responsibilities and exercise the bold courage necessary for appointing young leaders. Second, MCC’s new image must be fully presented. The projects of Hengshui form a major field on which MCC’s products and performance are demonstrated. The Group’s departments shall be aware of the overall situation at all times, and cooperate with absolute sincerity and mutual support and respect. As the backbone enterprises of the MCC Group, CTMCC and MCC CERI must represent MCC, hold together and present the Group’s positive energy always and everywhere. The leaders should set an example for all others. Facing the future market planning, all management teams should march forward and try their best to grasp a sound development situation. Finally, the management goal of ‘factorization on construction sites’ should be realized as soon as possible, excellent project departments should be emulated, management thoughts further clarified, all incentive systems completed and the enthusiasm of the project teams inspired. It is also necessary to implement responsibilities, enhance the monitoring of key links including project operation, finance and procurement, and prevent the loss of project benefits. Such modern high-tech measures including access control systems, WeChat QR codes and drones shall be applied to project management.

  Later, Zhang Mengxing and his delegation visited the Project Department of CTMCC’s Hengshui High-speed Rail Station Square Project and Comprehensive Pipe Gallery Test Section Project, consoled the front line workers fighting on under high temperatures, held friendly conversations with them and gave them articles to prevent heatstroke and express the Party’s care. Hengshui High-speed Rail Station Square Project and Comprehensive Pipe Gallery Test Section Project are now entering their peak construction period. However, continuous hot weather for many days has caused serious problems in their construction. The leaders are worried about the physical condition of the front line workers in such high temperatures, and the project departments have been implementing heatstroke prevention measures. Zhang Mengxing consoled and shook hands with all the front line workers, gave them such goods as watermelons, tea, floral water and heatstroke prevention packages, and thanked them for sticking to their posts and performing their duties under high temperatures. Zhang Mengxing advised the front line workers to reasonably arrange their work time during high temperature periods, strike a balance between work and rest, prevent such high-temperature illnesses as sunstroke and combine their work with heatstroke prevention. He also required the project departments to implement all heatstroke prevention measures, enhance safety management and give more care to the front line workers.