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MCC Group Convenes 2017 Mid-Year Safety Production Video Conference, Regional Safety Production Examination and Guizhou Expressway Special Examination Summary Meeting
CopyFrom: Date:13 July 2017
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  At 8:00 AM on July 12th, the MCC Group convened the ‘2017 Mid-Year Safety Production Video Meeting’. MCC Group & MCC Party Standing Committee Member and MCC Vice President Wang Shilei gave the Group’s safety production work report for the first half year of 2017, comprehensively summarized the safety production work in the first half year of 2017 and deployed the Group’s safety production work for the second half year. In addition, nine requirements were put forward: first, it is necessary to earnestly learn the Opinions on Promoting Reform and Development in the Safety Production Field issued by the Party Central Committee and State Council in order to strictly implement the enterprise’s main body responsibility; second, it is important to earnestly implement the requirements of the Safety Production Committee of the State Council’s Notice on Carrying Out Major Inspections for Nationwide Safety Production; third, it is vital to intensify the supervision of key projects, emerging industries and projects in key regions and remote regions; fourth, it is necessary to intensify safety production training; fifth, it is important to strengthen safety production work during the flood season; sixth, it is vital to standardize the safety management of overseas enterprises and promote overseas safety monitoring capacity; seventh, it is necessary to intensify the accident reporting systems; eighth, it is important to promote safety production informatization construction and comprehensive supervision capacity; and ninth, it is vital to implement entity responsibilities in energy conservation and emission reduction.

  The meeting was held in the Group’s main meeting place and branch meeting places of all subsidiaries, and attended by the heads of all MCC Group Headquarters departments, safety management leaders of various subsidiaries, safety commission members of various subsidiaries, all employees of the Safety Production Management Department and principals of relevant departments.

  After the meeting, the attending personnel attended China Minmetals’ ‘2017 Mid-year Safety Production, Energy Conservation and Environmental Protection Work Video Meeting’. State Administration of Work Safety Deputy Director Xue Jianguang carried out safety education training themed ‘Prevention Mechanism Construction in Risk Ranking Control and Hidden Danger Inspection and Administration’. China Minmetals Corporation Deputy General Manager and Party Committee Member Li Lianhua put forward specific requirements for the safety production work in the second half year. China Minmetals Health, Safety and Environmental Protection Department Head Hong Mingyang gave the 2017 mid-year safety production, energy conservation and environmental protection work reports.

  At 13:30 PM, according to the work plan arrangements of the Group’s safety production, MCC Group’s summary meeting for the Regional Safety Production Examination in the first half year and summary meeting of the Guizhou Expressway Special Examination were convened. At the meeting, the group leader units of five regions and MCC Group’s Safety Quality Department successively conducted a special examination for the five regions of Shandong, Guangdong, Chongqing, Hubei and Anhui, as well as the Guizhou Expressway Project, and reported on such aspects as the basic information of inspected items, inspection results and similarity problems, solving policies and highlights discovered in the inspection process, as well as suggestions for the Group’s safety production work in the next step. In his summary speech, Vice President Wang Shilei put forward six specific requirements according to the district examination reports and the Group’s safety situation for the year: first, it is necessary to intensify safety production consciousness, reinforce learning safety production laws and regulations, and make accident reports according to the regulations; second, 2017 is the year for promoting the MCC Group’s engineering construction, so all subsidiaries should pay close attention to project management and upgrade it to a new level; third, it is vital to intensify responsibility consciousness, so all subsidiaries should have strong and sufficient safety production supervision forces; fourth, it is necessary to establish and perfect the safety production management system and management by relying on the system and continuously promoting work efficiency in safety production; fifth, it is important to reinforce safety culture construction, forge a safety culture system with MCC’s features and realize the transformation from ‘make me safe’ to ‘I want to be safe, I will be safe and I can be safe’; and sixth, it is necessary to comprehensively promote the MCC Group’s safety production management level through organizing inspection, training and benchmarking activities.

  The meeting was attended by over 50 people including the safety management leaders of all subsidiaries and the staff of the MCC Group’s Safety Quality and Environmental Protection Department.