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Special CCTV4 Program Win-Win Road Shows MCC Saindak Project
CopyFrom:MCC Date:10 May 2017
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  In order to greet the opening of ‘the Belt and Road’ International Cooperation Summit Forum, based on the splendid ‘the Belt and Road’ series of programs in 2016, CCTV International’s Chinese Channel (CCTV4) broadcast 5 special episodes entitled Win-Win Road. Each episode showed interviews with journalists about national projects of China-invested enterprises in Pakistan, Indonesia and other countries on the ‘the Belt and Road’ route at the sites, introductions of interview highlights and the journalists’ own experience, invited leaders of ministries and commissions, authorities and experts to comment on concrete cases, and mainly publicized and reported the fruitful achievements of Chinese enterprises in promoting the national ‘the Belt and Road’ strategy. State-owned Assets Supervision and Administration Commission of the State Council (SASAC) Chairman Xiao Yaqing was the special guest presenter of Episode 2: ‘Connected Facilities to Improve Livelihood’. MCC’s Pakistan Saindak Copper and Gold Project was selected in the program as an interviewed project in CCTV4’s 2016 ‘the Belt and Road’ series of programs in Pakistan, and the interview was broadcast in Episode 1: ‘Political Communication and Building Consensus’ of the Win-Win Road specials at 20:00 on May 8th. Some MCC staff members participated in the filming.

  MCC’s Pakistan Saindak Copper and Gold Project received the favorable comments of NDRC Western Development Department Inspector Ou Xiaoli and Renmin University International Affairs Institution Director Wang Yiwei after the 15-year stable operation of the project succeeded in widely broadcasting the MCC brand and its responsible image of central enterprises in Pakistan, thereby achieving the double yields of economic and social benefits, and earning its reputation as the ‘Model of China-Pakistan Economic Cooperation’.

  Win-Win Road is being broadcast on CCTV International’s Chinese Channel (CCTV4) at 20:00 every evening from May 8th to 12th, and rebroadcast the following morning.