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Zhang Mengxing Meets Hengshui Municipal Party Standing Committee Member and Executive Vice Mayor Lv Zhicheng, and Inspects MCC Projects
CopyFrom:MCC Date:10 May 2017
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  From May 8th to 9th, MCC Group Deputy Party Secretary and President Zhang Mengxing travelled to Hengshui of Hebei Province from Xianning of Hubei Province to inspect key MCC projects under construction. He also met with Hengshui Municipal Party Standing Committee Member and Executive Vice Mayor Lv Zhicheng.

  Zhang Mengxing expressed his sincere appreciation for the comprehensive support of the Hengshui Municipal Party Committee and Government over the years. He said that MCC faces two important nodes: the upcoming ‘2017 New Technology Application Forum for Chinese Urban Steel Comprehensive Pipe Galleries’ on May 20th, and the ‘The Second Hebei Garden Expo Enterprise Exhibition Park Show’ on July 15th. They are both very important signature events which must be dealt with seriously without any delay. Only if our quality receives the praise of leaders, experts and attendees can we represent the actual ability and highest level of MCC as the ‘pacesetter of emerging industries’. He emphasized that MCC people must make efforts to accord with Chairman Guo Wenqing’s requirements of ‘listening to the Party’s word, following the Party and conducting business according to the market laws’, and sincerely appreciate the faith of the Hengshui Municipal Party Committee and Government, and its provision of a broad market stage with many opportunities. Only if we give full play to the MCC spirit of ‘Never delaying and never slacking’, and maintain the spirit of determination to ensure excellent performance at the two events on May 20th and July 15th, can we reward the Municipal Party Committee, Government and people of Hengshui, and demonstrate MCC’s new image, spirit and deeds as the ‘national team of metallurgical construction, the main force of capital construction and the pacesetter of emerging industries, insisting on taking the road of high-tech construction in the long term’.

  Lv Zhicheng pointed out that the strategic cooperation between the Hengshui Government and MCC is comprehensive, with substantial contents and coordination points, and it must be promoted effectively. He hopes that both sides will work together to commonly ensure the successful realization of the May 20th and July 15th nodes.

  In the morning of May 9th, President Zhang Mengxing, Deputy Mayor Wang Shikun and others visited the Hengshui Comprehensive Pipeline Project, Wuyi Steel Pipeline Project, Garden Expo Enterprise Exhibition Park Project and Hengshui High-speed Rail Station Plaza Project. President Zhang Mengxing gave important directions at MCC Tiangong’s Hengshui High-speed Rail Station Project Department, stressing that we should inspect each project carefully after being invited by the Hengshui Municipal Government. The four construction projects in Hengshui are all major projects of the Group, so the Major Project Office of the Group should arrange specially assigned personnel to conduct regular inspections promptly report problems. The construction sites require further improvement and the site management must be fully standardized and informationized, and strictly refined. Everyone involves should gain a full understanding of the extreme importance of the projects in progress. The strategic position of the transportation junction of Hengshui is gradually improving towards being outstanding after the implementation of the Xiongan New District Policy. There will be many follow-up projects in Hengshui, so we must cherish opportunities to complete the projects in hand to high standards of quality and take a long-term view.

  At present, government capital for the Hengshui Comprehensive Pipeline Project is in place, so we have to decide how to solve the problem of social assets as soon as possible; this will be negotiated by the Group, and MCC Tiangong shall spare no efforts to follow up. This project is a political task in the spirit of a ‘one-two punch’. MCC Tiangong shall transfer its concepts and not to stick to convention but handle special cases with special methods. The ‘7/15’ node must be completed. We shall comprehensively understand the original intentions of the Municipal Government and take advantage of the Garden Expo Park Project to form a special exhibition of cast-in-place, pre-fabricated and steel pipelines. We have no reason not to embrace coordination. The Wuyi Steel Pipeline Project must be organized effectively to ensure the ‘May 20th’ node. The ‘2017 New Technology Application Forum for Chinese Urban Steel Comprehensive Pipe Galleries’ is the largest live popularization meeting of the MCC Group. The key to holding it well is to implement responsibilities and ensure that everyone has responsibilities. After tremendous efforts, MCC Jingcheng has become basically equipped with exhibition conditions, but it must keep trying harder and work for 24 hours without any pause. MCC Jingcheng must overcome the work difficulties, carefully consider quality so as to make the exhibition area perfect, and make comprehensively planning and implementation concerning the invited units and persons. The Garden Expo Enterprise Park is also a political task, so we must treasure the trust and opportunities that the Municipal Government gives to MCC. MCC Tiangong shall complete it on time and to high standards of quality on the political level.

  The above activities were attended by Wuyi County Committee Secretary Liu Yong, County Chief Wang Chengzong, Municipal Government Deputy Secretary General Zhao Wanfu, Hengshui Development Area Administrative Work Committee Secretary Han Liansheng and Hengshui Construction and Investment Bureau Deputy Director General Zhao Xuejun, as well as MCC personnel Han Guorui, Qi Dongping, Liu Bo, Yang Zhiyong, Liu Zhenhui and others.