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Zhang Mengxing Inspects MCC Overseas’ Projects in Hong Kong
CopyFrom: Date:10 April 2017
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  In the afternoon of April 6th, MCC President Zhang Mengxing, Vice President & Chief Accountant Zou Hongying and their delegation inspected MCC Overseas’ relevant projects under construction in the Hong Kong Region. They were accompanied by MCC Overseas Vice General Manager and Hong Kong Company Director and General Manager Wang Qi.

  Zhang Mengxing earnestly liastened to the introduction to MCC’s project progress in Hong Kong, spoke highly of the operation conditions of the projects and praised the company’s field personnel’s spirit of utter devotion to being hard-working and bravely struggling. He also fully affirmed MCC Overseas’ work ideas and phased achievements to explore and carry out ‘localized management’ in the Hong Kong Region. During the inspection period, Zhang Mengxing had a cordial talk with the site administrators, made an analysis of the problem of how to generate new competitiveness in Hong Kong under the ‘new normal’, and required onsite personnel to pay more attention, have a hard-working attitude and strive to promote MCC’s competiveness in the Hong Kong Region.

  MCC Overseas’ generally contracted 500 Villages Optical Fiber Laying Project in the New Territories is not only a people's livelihood project in the Hong Kong Region but an important measure for MCC to ‘go global’ and implement such national policies as ‘Interconnection’ and ‘Cuncuntong’. While inspecting the project, Zhang Mengxing again fully affirmed its great significance for benefiting the people, and held a vivid and animated discussion with the site administrators concerning the problem of ‘how the internet influences the lives of individuals’, inspiring everyone to bring the ‘clairvoyance’ and ‘clairaudience’ of the internet to thousands of households.

  MCC Overseas said that it will continuously carry forward the simple yet profound MCC spirit of ‘Never delaying and never slacking’ in the coming work, seek improvement in stability and vigorously complete its operations in the Hong Kong Region.

  The above activities were attended in the company of related MCC personnel Li Zhi, Sun Zhenhua and others.