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MCC Group Signs Strategic Cooperation Agreement with Qingdao Licang District
MCC Real Estate leads and takes charge of investment and development
CopyFrom: Date:10 April 2017
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  On April 8th, a signing ceremony for a strategic cooperation agreement between MCC Group and the Licang District People's Government of Qingdao City was held at the Licang District Government building. MCC President Zhang Mengxing and Licang District Party Committee Secretary Wang Xijing attended the ceremony and made speeches. MCC Group Assistant General Manager & MCC Real Estate Chairman Liu Fuming and Licang District Party Committee Deputy Secretary and Director Li Xingwei signed the agreement on behalf of their respective parties.

  In his speech, Zhang Mengxing introduced MCC's historical reform, business development situation and future development direction, pointing out that MCC is a trailblazer, a main force of the Chinese steel industry and the world’s largest, strongest and best metallurgical construction contract operator, accounting for 90% of the domestic metallurgical market and over 60% worldwide. In 2016, it ranked 290th among the Fortune 500 and 8th among the Top 250 Global Contractors. Under the new economic situation, MCC is striding ahead in accordance with its new strategic positioning of being the ‘national team of metallurgical construction, the main force of capital construction and the pacesetter of emerging industries, insisting on taking the road of high-tech construction in the long-term’, and has succeeded in achieving transformation and upgrading. It has assumed many influential and symbolic projects in such fields as high-end housing, municipal traffic infrastructure, urban area development and expressways, and it has made efforts to achieve the first significant breakthroughs and establish its leading status in the industry in such emerging industries as comprehensive pipe galleries, sponge city, beautiful village & smart city technology and specialty theme parks. Zhang Mengxing said that Licang District has abundant and profound humanized traditions, a superior ecological environment and convenient traffic conditions. It is one of the core main urban areas of Qingdao City and an important headstream of Qingdao's modern industry. In recent years, Licang District has insisted on a global vision and international standards, given full play to local strengths, became actively integrated into Qingdao's spatial strategy of ‘Planning as a whole in the entire region and creating links among the three cities’, embraced the development positioning of ‘A hub embracing the bay and an ecological and commercial city’, put forth efforts to boost the recreation of urban functions, infuse economic energy, improve the development environment, promote the quality of people's lives, and speed up transformation from a traditional production functional zone to a modern service functional zone, and from a big industrial zone to a new ecological zone, achieved remarkable achievements and gained broad future development prospects. MCC will give full play to its comprehensive advantages in technology, talents, management and funds, integrate its top international industrial park planning resources, introduce domestically leading sponge city technology, underground pipe galleries and new materials and technology into the development and construction of an ‘International Academician Harbor Two Establishments Center Project, spare no effort to create an innovation-type garden industrial park with resource conservation which is suitable for entrepreneurship and residence, and make contributions to the realization of Licang District's industrial innovation and upgrading, and the planning goals of its ‘13th Five-Year Plan’.

  On behalf of the Licang District Party Committee and Government, Wang Xijing welcomed the delegation led by Zhang Mengxing and expressed cordial thanks for MCC's investment in Licang and support for its development. He pointed out that Qingdao is on a journey in which it takes supply-side structural reform as its principal line and regards the construction of ‘3 Centers and 1 Base’ as the main attack direction. The new Licang District Party Committee and Government have also proposed that it is necessary to take innovation as the first power for leading development, firmly set up an innovative development philosophy, surround the ‘4 principal lines’ which comprise the international faction, colleges and universities faction, science and technology faction and central enterprise faction, fully introduce innovative talents and significant innovation projects, and create an innovative garden center urban area which is suitable for entrepreneurship, residence, bodies and hearts. The signing of this agreement with MCC is Licang District's crucial achievement with the ‘central enterprise faction’, ‘enterprises with names starting with “China”’ and Fortune 500 Enterprises. The signing of this agreement marks the formal establishment of multi-dimensional strategic cooperation relations. He hopes that both parties will take this signing as an opportunity, accelerate their multi-dimensional strategic connection and cooperation in key fields, and commonly promote the effective implementation of the strategic cooperation agreement. Licang District will strongly expand MCC's fields and channels of participation in the economic and social development of areas under its administration, and spare no efforts to support MCC's development in Licang.

  According to the agreement, MCC and the Licang District People's Government will rely on the principle of ‘complimentary advantages, mutual benefits and win-win results’, and MCC Real Estate will lead and take charge of investment and development. They will commonly embrace fields including financial industries, comprehensive area development, cooperation with scientific research institutions, high-end equipment manufacturing and logistics park operation in order to develop multi-dimensional, wide-level and multi-field strategic cooperation. In the financial industry, the full financial license resources of China Minmetals will be used in organic combination with Licang District's ‘4+N’ key industrial system led by network information, design, R&D, new finance and film & television culture, and speed up regional industrial structural adjustment, transformation and upgrading through financial services. In the comprehensive area development field, cooperation will be carried out in urban development and construction, old city transformation, industrial park planning and operation, municipal pipeline construction, and underground space development and utilization, creating a concentrated ‘highland’ of top talents and high-end industries in numerous leading edge domains including advanced power, new energy, biological medicine, lasers and new materials, and becoming the ‘perpetual motion machine’ leading the innovative development of Licang and even Qingdao. In the field of scientific research institution cooperation, both sides will actively cooperate on building diverse kinds of scientific and technological innovation platforms including research and development centers, regional headquarters, construction testing organizations, achievement transformation bases and high-tech business incubators. In the high-end equipment manufacturing field, MCC will give full play to its strengths in fabricated structure, modularity integration and so on, and combine with Licang District's development and construction features to introduce related industries. In the logistics park operation field, MCC and China Minmetals will give full play to their resource advantages, combine with the advantages of the logistics industry and enlarge the import and export international trade business concerning large amounts of raw materials.

  During their stay in Qingdao, the delegation led by Zhang Mengxing also visited the demolition site of the International Academician Harbor Two Establishments Center Project’s industrial park plot to conduct an on-site investigation and survey.

  The above activities were attended by Licang District Standing Committee of the National People's Congress Director Guan Xihui, District Chinese People's Political Consultative Conference Chairman Li Guixi, District Party Standing Committee Member & Organization Department Director Chen Zhongwei, District Party Standing Committee Member & District Party Committee Office Director Ji Mingtao, District Government Deputy Director Liu Xuehui, District Government Deputy Director Zhang Zaihou, principals of the relevant departments and state-owned enterprises of Licang District, MCC Domestic Market Development Director Zeng Jianzhong, MCC Real Estate General Manager Feng Xiangli, Shanghai Baoye Deputy General Manager Xu Qiwen, MCC Real Estate Deputy General Manager Ding Zhixiong, MCC Investment Management Department Deputy Director Wang Wei, MCC Real Estate Design Director Wang Bai, MCC Real Estate Capital Director of Operations Liu Bo and others.