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China Minmetals Participates in Central Enterprise Slimming, Fitness, Quality Improvement and Efficiency Advancement Work Mobilization Deployment Video Conference
CopyFrom:MCC Date:02 March 2017
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  On February 27th, SASAC held the 2017 Central Enterprises Slimming, Fitness, Quality Improvement and Efficiency Advancement Work Mobilization Deployment Video Conference. SASAC Party Group Deputy Secretary & Deputy Director Zhang Xiwu and SASAC Deputy Director & Party Committee Member Meng Jianmin attended the conference and gave speeches. The conference was presided over by SASAC Chief Accountant Shen Ying and participated in by China Minmetals Corporation General Manager & Party Group Deputy Secretary Guo Wenqing, as well as leaders of the China Minmetals Corporation including Li Lianhua, Feng Guiquan and Lu Weidong at the sub-venues of China Minmetals.

  Meng Jianmin first reported the running situation of central enterprises in January and the anticipated situation for the whole year.

  Zhang Xiwu the gave an important speech on the slimming, fitness, quality improvement and efficiency advancement work of the whole year, and made seven clear requirements: first, exploit the markets externally and strive to increase the capacity to generate profits; second, enhance management internally and strive to promote the capacity to decrease costs and increase efficiency; third, focus on pressure reduction and enhance the Group's capacity for management and control; fourth, reduce and stop losses and strive to advance the capacity to earn profits; fifth, prevent and control risks and strive to promote steady operation capacity; sixth, improve quality and strive to boost the product supply capacity; and seventh, compress responsibilities and strive to raise the capacity of implementation and generate efficiency.

  After the conference, Guo Wenqing pointed out that all departments and directly responsible units of China Minmetals should carefully learn and convey the spirits of the conference, take practical action in accordance with the layouts of the Central Government, make elaborate deployments centered on the focal work, carry out responsibilities, shoulder and compress the pressure, and resolutely fight for slimming, fitness, quality improvement and efficiency advancement.

  The conference was also attended by the Board Secretary and Labor Union Chairman of China Minmetals, MCC leadership members and principals of relevant Headquarters departments and directly responsible units.