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Hubei Provincial Party Committee Deputy Secretary and Wuhan Municipal Party Committee Secretary Chen Yixin Investigates and Surveys CFMCC Project
CopyFrom:MCC Date:01 March 2017
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  On February 27th, Hubei Provincial Party Committee Deputy Secretary and Wuhan Municipal Party Committee Secretary Chen Yixin investigated and surveyed CFMCC's Wuqing Dike Beach Comprehensive Regulation Project.

  At the site of the Phase I beach, Chen Yixin examined the construction of the waterside platform and Binjiang Square. He fully agreed that the project has broken the shackles of the traditional dike which has long obstructed contact between the people and the water, and realized the natural integration of flood control functions with the urban landscape. He pointed out that the transformation development mission that Qingshan District faces is currently arduous in such aspects as industries, cities, society and ecology. To solve development difficulties, it is necessary to further intensify the overall planning as a whole and take transformation development as the top priority in the future. When striving for support from the country, provinces and cities, it is necessary to give full play to the driving role of reform and the market, motivate internal impetus through reform, stimulate internal energy through the market and accelerate the advancement of transformation and upgrading. He hopes that the large enterprises of Qingshan District will continue excavating their potential, strengthening their advantages, transforming their disadvantages, giving full play to their strengths and making contributions to the new Five-year Plan of Wuhan City. The Standing Committee and Municipal Party Committee will conduct special the research work of all districts respectively, and help all the districts coordinate to solve significant development problems, especially problems involving directionality and policy.

  CFMCC is fully infusing its sponge transformation philosophy in this project, and Qingshan District's theme of ‘Lengthen Qingshan’s Cultural Traditions and Bring Out Ecological Styles and Features’ is concurrently embodied. By means of such highlights as ‘promotion of flood control capacity, gentle slopes and greenbelts for dikes, underground space usage and demonstration of sponge philosophy’, old industrial areas are being transformed into a new city of environmental protection and ecology. At present, the construction of Phase II of the Wuqing Dike Project is being intensified so as to strive to open and serve guests on June 1st of this year.