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Zhang Zhaoxiang Meets Guian New District Party Working Committee Secretary Ma Changqing
CopyFrom:MCC Date:01 March 2017
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  On February 27th, MCC General Manager and Party Committee Secretary Zhang Zhaoxiang held talks with Guian New District Party Working Committee Secretary Ma Changqing. Both sides carried out a deep exchange on such matters as further reinforcing investment and cooperation in Guian New District.

  Zhang Zhaoxiang first offered his congratulations for the fast-changing development of Guian New District, then briefly introduced the basic information of MCC. He pointed out that as the largest and strongest global metallurgical construction operation and service contractor, MCC possesses an all-round industrial chain embracing reconnaissance, design, construction, supervision, operation and services, as well as unique strengths in the construction of such emerging industries as comprehensive pipe galleries. MCC will further increase its strength to participate in the development, investment and construction of Guian New District, give full play to the comprehensive advantages of China Minmetals and MCC, and provide multidimensional services with high efficiency and high quality for Guian New District. Zhang Zhaoxiang made assurances that the related units will conduct meticulous organization to ensure the submission of a satisfactory answer sheet to the people of Guian New District in terms of the projects that have been commenced in succession, including Sakura Valley, Gaofeng Small Town and underground pipe galleries.

  Ma Changqing welcomed the delegation led by Zhang Zhaoxiang and pointed out that MCC has established a good partnership with Guian New District. Since it was first built, Guian New District has developed cooperation with MCC on a series of major projects in such fields as municipal infrastructure, underground comprehensive pipe galleries and ecological environmental protection, in which MCC has fully demonstrated its remarkable project management level and comprehensive service capacity as a large-scale central enterprise. He pointed out that China Minmetals possesses even more distinct advantages following its strategic recombination with MCC. Guian New District hopes to carry out wider cooperation in more fields including ‘green finance, big data and resource logistics’ in the future.

  The meeting was attended by relevant personnel of Guian New District including Wang Chunlei, Su Yonghong, Liu Zheng, E Liang and Gao Zhengyuan, and relevant personnel of MCC including Li Yuzhuo , Yang Kui, Du Zhixin, Tian Zhixiang, Cheng Bingqiang, Tian Shun and Huang Dege.