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MCC Group Adjusts MCC20’s Leading Group
CopyFrom:MCC Date:01 March 2017
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  On February 28th, MCC Group General Manager and MCC Party Secretary Zhang Zhaoxiang convened a meeting for members and cadres of the leading group, and gave an important speech. At the meeting, MCC Human Resources Department Head Xu Zhongguo announced the MCC Group’s decision to adjust MCC20’s leading group: Zhang Jinxian was appointed as China MCC20 Group Corp., Ltd. Party Secretary, Wang Yingjun was appointed as China MCC20 Group Corp., Ltd. Deputy Party Secretary and will no longer serve as China MCC20 Group Corp., Ltd. Party Secretary, and Liu Jianping will no longer serve as China MCC20 Group Corp., Ltd. Deputy Party Secretary nor participate in the Party Committee’s work any longer (he has been assigned to another post).

  Zhang Zhaoxiang then put forward three requirements for the adjusted leading group of MCC20:

  First, the leading group shall be united as one. According to the MCC Group’s deployment, this is a year in which to promote leadership, and President Guo Wenqing has also put forward clear and definite requirements for carrying out the leadership construction of the whole Group and all subsidiaries. For a large enterprise like MCC20, leadership construction is especially important. It is hoped that the harmony and unity of the Group can be achieved through leadership construction, and the purposes of better communication, better coordination, better support and strengthened positions can be reached. In combination with leadership construction, MCC20 will convene a life meeting for the leading group in the first quarter of this year, further unify its concepts and vision, and properly plan MCC20’s strategies, thereby laying the foundation for fully completing all the work.

  Second, healthy trends shall be upheld. If there are no healthy trends in an enterprise, or its thoughts cannot be focused on the overall development situation, then there is no foundation for the development of the enterprise. For some time past, MCC20 has also exposed certain risks and problems in the operation and management process which must be treated carefully. It should solve the problems that can be solved; those that cannot be solved should be coordinately solved by the superior organization.

  Third, development shall be sought. The ultimate goals of leadership construction promotion, upholding healthy trends, strengthening Party construction and promoting production are set in order to promote enterprise development. MCC20 has always been a frontrunner of the MCC Group. Under the new situation, it is hoped that MCC20 will gain brand-new features, make new progress and achieve new performance in production and management following the appointment of President Zhang Jinxian as Party Secretary. It is necessary to put into practice the new requirements of President Guo Wenqing for MCC’s operation revenue, annual goals and profit goals, as well as strengthening market development, project management, team construction and technical research and development. It is most important to strengthen Party construction, promote production, construct MCC20’s leadership and lead the team.

  The meeting was attended by MCC20’s leading group members and the main department heads in Shanghai.