MCC22 Carries Out “Heart by Heart, Hand in Hand, Dedication and Love” Activities to Convey Greetings to Migrant Workers’ Children
CopyFrom: Date:23 August 2018
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  On August 19th, themed “Heart by Heart, Hand in Hand, Dedication and Love”, MCC22 Group carried out activities to convey greetings to migrant workers’ children. Their purpose was to fulfill the social responsibility of central enterprises, transmit the positive energy of society, effectively solve the study and life difficulties of the children of migrant workers, and help them to grow up healthily.

  Focusing on compassionate assistance for the children of migrant workers, the “Heart by Heart, Hand in Hand, Dedication and Love” activity organizers selected the Guangxi Wuzhou Outer Ring Project Department as the assistance location. The Wuzhou Outer Ring Project Department is located in a mountainous area, the construction team of this project is mostly composed of migrant workers from the surrounding remote mountainous areas. As they are separated from their families for long periods, their children become stay-at-home children. During the summer vacation, stay-at-home children have the opportunity to travel from their hometowns to meet and spend time with their parents. In exchange for the opportunity to see their parents every day, they live and study in simple rooms and work sheds. In order to provide practical and effective help for the children of migrant workers while taking into account the actual construction site situation, after a week’s visit and investigation, MCC22’s volunteers gave a “small gift of love” and “explanation of life” to three children of migrant workers and poor children from mountainous areas in Yunnan and Sichuan. At the greeting venue, the volunteers carefully inquired about the learning and living conditions of the children, gave them school bags, stationery boxes, pencils and other school supplies, patiently encouraged the parents to support their children in reading, accumulating knowledge and changing the status quo, and encouraged the children to build their confidence, study hard, stand on their own feet and strive to become pillars of the motherland as soon as possible. Deeply moved, the assisted children and their families said that in their future lives and studies, they will always be grateful, study hard, have a positive attitude and strive for early success in order to better repay society.

  For many years, MCC22 has focused on assisting socially disadvantaged groups. In donating and providing financial assistance for educational causes and poverty relief, MCC22 people fulfil the social responsibility of a central enterprise through their actions and carry forward positive social energy with loving hearts.