MCC20 Overseas Company Holds Low Carbon Day Slow Shared Cycling Competition
CopyFrom: Date:03 July 2018
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  On the morning of June 21st, MCC20 Group’s Overseas Company organized and carried out the Slow Shared Cycling Competition for Low Carbon Day.

  This competition was intended to establish the harmonious, green, open, and shared development philosophy, popularize the national policy of resource conservation and environmental protection, cultivate and practice the resource-based view of economic and intensive cyclic utilization, advocate the social customs of industry and economy, create a dense atmosphere of energy conservation and carbon reduction in the company, and boost green and low carbon development.

  The competition was full of cheers and laughter. People tried to balance themselves to ride the bike slowly towards the finish line. The competitors relaxed in body and mind after busy work. Through this competition, MCC20 people enhanced their awareness of "I am a part of energy conservation and environmental protection", and expressed their belief that we can protect the blue sky over our homes with our united efforts!