Shanghai Baoye Holds 2018 “Municipal Administration Cup” “Life First, Safety Development” Safety Knowledge Competition
CopyFrom: Date:03 July 2018
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  On June 25th, to comprehensively implement Shanghai Baoye Group’s Safety Month activities in 2018, create a good safety culture atmosphere, constantly promote the safety awareness of all employees and promote the stable and continuous development of the Company’s production safety situation, Shanghai Baoye Production Safety Supervision Management Department and Youth League Committee jointly held the grand 2018 “Municipal Administration Cup” “Life First, Safety Development” Safety Knowledge Competition Activity in the Industrial Furnace Company’s Meeting Hall. A total of 21 representative teams from Shanghai Baoye’s Headquarters organs and secondary companies attended the competition.

  The whole competition was divided into three rounds: preliminary contest, quarter-final and final. The competition process was tight and orderly, reasonably arranged, colorful, brilliant and varied. After intense contention in the preliminary contest in the morning and the quarter-final in the afternoon, a total of 6 representative teams entered the final. There was one climax after another in the process of the games, embodying the level of quality and friendship. The intense competition was filled with wit and humor. People interacted on and off the stage at a lively, cheerful, light-hearted and joyous atmosphere. Finally, the Engineering Technology Company’s representative team had the honor of winning the first prize, the representative teams of the Municipal Engineering Company and Xiamen Branch Company took second prize and the representative teams of the Beijing Branch Company, Zhengzhou Branch Company and Building Engineering Company came third.

  During “Production Safety Month”, Shanghai Baoye has held a series of colorful activities to strongly promote the cultivation and construction of safety culture. This safety knowledge competition was the closing activity and a featured inheritance activity of the Company’s Safety Month. Through the safety knowledge competition, all the employees firmly established their production safety red line consciousness and bottom line thought, and insisted on the safety development principle that “safety consciousness is the base, the safety system is the premise, duty fulfillment is the key, the management and control measures are guarantees, and safety investment is the foundation”. It is necessary to organize “Production Safety Month” publicity and education activities, continuously promote safety skills and precaution consciousness of the employees, implement safety responsibilities at all levels, lay a solid foundation for promoting the continuous and stable development of the Company’s production safety situation and ensure that production safety is conducted smoothly.

  The activity was attended by a total of over 170 people including Party organization principals of secondary units in Shanghai, vice-general managers of safety, safety supervision department directors, Youth League organization principals, all team members who participated in the competition and Youth League member representatives.