MCC22’s Volunteers Show Love at Special Education School
CopyFrom: Date:03 July 2018
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  On June 27th, MCC22 organized volunteers to carry out activities to send greetings to a special education school, convey social concern and love, and pass on the positive energy of the enterprise.

  MCC22 visited the Tangshan Fengnan Special Education School to convey greetings to the exceptional children and deliver elaborately chosen school supplies, toys and snacks into the children’s hands. The children gladly received these gifts and expressed their gratitude with sign language. During the greeting activity, the volunteers engaged in warm interactions and sincere exchanges with the children, performed Invisible Wing and Thankful Heart in sign language, and played games. The staff of the school warmly welcomed MCC22 and expressed thanks for its philanthropic act of being warmhearted about social benefit and selfless contribution. The volunteers held warm exchanges with the special education teachers and children, learned about the teachers’ hard work, lessened the distance between themselves and the children, and brought them happiness. Interviewing and conveying greetings to special children not only conveys concern and love, but also the positive energy of the enterprise’s mutual assistance, dedication to society and performance of an enterprise’s social responsibility.