MCC19 Retirees Hold Colorful Activities to Celebrate July 1st
CopyFrom: Date:03 July 2018
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  Since mid-June, all retiree administration stations of MCC19 Group adjusted their measures to the local conditions, visited and conveyed greetings to retired Party members who are seriously sick, hospitalized or impoverished, and organized retirees to carry out Party building activities in many forms to celebrate the 97th anniversary of the Party.

  On June 22nd, the Retiree Branch of MCC19’s Road and Bridge Company carried out activities themed “Keeping the Original Intention and Mission in Mind”, and led over 50 elderly Party members to review the oath they took upon joining the Party and participate in a Party building knowledge competition. On June 24th, young Party members from the 3rd Party Branch of the General Retiree Branch of the MCC19 Headquarters organs performed a lively square dance and a clanging cymbal show as a gift for the Party’s birthday. On June 26th, MCC19 Party Committee Member and Deputy General Manager Ye Zhongqin gave a Party lecture to over 70 retired Party Branch secretaries and Committee members, and led everyone to learn the report given at the 19th National Congress. Each retiree management station also organized elderly Party members and cadres to gather together to watch the films Loud and Clear Military Songs and Ambition and Songs so as to record MCC19’s development course, review its development history and look forward to a beautiful future. Through a series of such activities as forums, visiting to convey greetings, themed Party Days and so on, the “four self-confidences” of the elderly comrades were reaffirmed and their “four consciousnesses” established. As the retired Party members said in succession, “We should listen to the Party’s words, follow the Party, keep the original intention in mind and positively take the lead; it is necessary to keep learning, keep the mission in mind and keep working into old age.”