MCC Real Estate Group Holds Various Youth Day Celebration Activities
CopyFrom: Date:08 May 2018
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  During Youth Day on May 4th, the MCC Real Estate Group carried out a series of cultural activities in which its young employees displayed their youthful vigor and deeply realized their mission and responsibility.

  MCC Real Estate Yantai organized an educational event focusing on “Jiaodong’s Revolutionary History” to integrate red culture with the work and help its employees with their spiritual enhancement. The event also involved the implementation of General Secretary Xi Jinping’s instructions to “develop red culture resources and carry forward and further develop the spirit of red culture.” The staff visited the Yantai Trading Port History Exhibition Hall and Jiaodong Revolutionary History Exhibition Hall, and learned about the important events that occurred in Yantai from the opening of the trading port to the Revolution of 1911, as well as the political, economic and social changes and important figures, events, battles and achievements of Eastern Shandong that had significant influence on the Chinese Revolution.

  MCC Real Estate Shijiazhuang organized more than 20 young employees to visit the Shijiazhuang Liberation Memorial Hall where they carefully read materials and historical facts about the war. They listened to the guide’s explanations about the exhibits, warfare at the time and the liberation of Shijiazhuang. They also watched a multimedia presentation about the PLA taking the city. The young employees were impressed by the hard-earned success of the Chinese Revolution and touched by Communist spirit of sacrifice. They gained a deeper understanding of the history of the Chinese Communist Party and developed stronger loyalty towards it.

  The MCC Real Estate Tianjin Branch Committee Communist Youth League organized the “MCC Real Estate Tianjin Honor Plaza College Tou” for all its young employees. The event appealed to young people by collecting creative short videos about Senior Year while advertising the products of the MCC Real Estate Tianjin Honor Plaza.

  Furthermore, young employees from such subsidiaries as MCC Real Estate Beijing and MCC Real Estate Tianjin contributed photographic works, prose and poems expressing their thoughts and feelings about striving for a better life.

  The MCC Real Estate Group’s young employees attending the above activities have all committed themselves to taking responsibility in the new era, working diligently and contributing to the rejuvenation of China.