MCCCE Conducts ‘Women’s Day’ Activities
CopyFrom: Date:15 March 2018
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  Form March 8th to 12th, to present the positive and inspiring spirit of working women, motivate their passion for work, enhance their cohesion and create a positive and healthy work atmosphere, MCCCE conducted ‘March 8th’ International Working Women’s Day activities in many forms.

  ‘Step Out of the World of Work and Embrace Nature’; several secondary companies organized their female employees to conduct spring outing activities, appreciate flowers and scenery, and share and communicate their life and work experience. ‘Brightly Colored Spring, Beautiful Women’; several secondary companies conducted DIY floriculture flower arrangement activities and invited professional teachers to teach the female employees flower arrangement skills. They created unique and beautiful floriculture works with different flowers and plants. ‘Taste Life, Experience Happiness’; several secondary companies held DIY baking activities to help the female employees relax after busy work and enjoy the fun of baking cookies. ‘Achievements of Women in a Harmonious Team’; several units organized their female employees to watch the documentary film Great, My Country in theatres, which inspired them to make greater contributions and forge ahead in their jobs. Lastly, several secondary companies organized traditional Chinese painting activities, tea ceremonies, interesting sports meetings and other activities, helping them to relax in body and mind, and release the pressure of work.