MCC17 Carries Out ‘Sending Warmth’ Activity Before Spring Festival in Fixed-Point Poverty Alleviation Village, He County
CopyFrom: Date:26 January 2018
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  On January 24th, the MCC17 Group carried out its ‘sending warmth’ greeting activity before the Spring Festival in the fixed-point poverty alleviation unit of Changjian Village in Gongqiao Town, He County, delivering the loving care of the enterprise to 25 impoverished families.

  On the morning of that day, MCC17’s assistance cadres arrived in Changjian Village and went to the countryside to learn more about the living, physical health and other conditions of each impoverished family, talk to them cordially, better understand their practical difficulties and future plans, donate money to show their best wishes and deliver blessings for the Spring Festival. It is hoped that they will find the confidence to overcome their difficulties and escape poverty as soon as possible with the assistance of all sectors of society.

  Located in the southwest of He County, Changjian Administrative Village has jurisdiction over 18 natural villages with over 1,100 households and over 4,000 people. According to the deployments of the Maanshan Municipal Poverty Relief Office, MCC17’s cadres have paired with 25 impoverished families in Changjian Administrative Village, carried out a multi-level long-term assistance activity covering living, medical treatment, education, employment, mental health care and other aspects, and tried every means to help impoverished families escape poverty and overcome their difficulties, adopting such methods as paying visits and conveying greetings to show loving care to the impoverished families and enable them to feel MCC17’s warm assistance and social responsibility.