Ramu NiCo Conducts Employee Skills Training in Papua New Guinea
CopyFrom: Date:26 January 2018
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  On January 25th, the Ramu NiCo Smelting Plant Training Center was officially inaugurated, gaining extensive attention and approval from all sectors of society in Papua New Guinea. The opening ceremony was attended by PNG National Apprentice and Trade Testing Board Director Tom Kipau and other governmental representatives, representatives of landowners in the communities around the project, Ramu NiCo Deputy General Manager Xu Jian, Smelting Plant Registered Manager Bill Hill and others.

  Ramu NiCo has established the Smelting Plant Training Center to focus on the current situation of the low skills level of the local workforce and the long-standing strong demand for vocational skills training among employees in Papua New Guinea. While this is an inevitable requirement for reinforcing the project’s safety production, it is also an important measure for promoting the career development of local employees and building harmonious and stable labor management relations.

  Promoting the training and career development of their employees is a common task for mining enterprises in Papua New Guinea. In establishing the Smelting Plant Training Center, Ramu NiCo drew lessons from the successful practices of other enterprises, realized the combination of teaching and the industrial chain, and created a new model for state-owned enterprises in fulfilling their social responsibility overseas. The company will provide employees with training in production technology, equipment operation, health and safety and all other aspects, and develop targeted courses in high-pressure acid leaching, countercurrent washing, heavy equipment maintenance and other specialties. Upon the completion of training and examination, trainees will be certified and awarded nationally recognized vocational skills certificates by the PNG National Apprentice and Trade Testing Board.

  In his speech, Deputy General Manager Xu Jian said that localization is Ramu NiCo’s long-term development goal. To realize this target, it is critical to strengthen the construction of a highly skilled talent team. As another important milestone of the Ramu Project, the establishment of the Smelting Plant Training Center will cultivate professional technology talents for Ramu’s projects and even Papua New Guinea, as well as promoting the career development of local employees.

  In recent years, Ramu NiCo has made efforts to promote the skills improvement of employees in Papua New Guinea and enjoyed great progress in the training work, providing a professional talent guarantee for the safe and stable production of the project, and laying a solid foundation for the company to carry out its localization strategy. These measures also manifest Ramu’s firm resolution to take root in Papua New Guinea and build a new model of social responsibility for China’s overseas projects.