MCC22 Volunteers Enter Special Education School and Show Love
CopyFrom: Date:07 December 2017
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  On November 26th, the MCC22 Group organized 12 volunteers to enter Fengrun District Special Education School and conduct the ‘care for children with mental health problems’ voluntary service activity to send warmth and love to special children. MCC22 always keeps its enterprise mission in mind, firmly performs its social responsibilities, continuously increases its attention to social public service activities, carries forward public culture and calls upon society to care for and help special children with actual actions, and let them have a wonderful school experience and feel the warmth of society.

  During the activity, the volunteers brought school supplies and toys for the children, found out about their lives and learning conditions, and expressed sincere appreciation and great respect for the devoted teachers in special education jobs. They played football and games, drew pictures together and got closer to the children with cordial smiles and warm words. Their natural lively instincts gradually showed. They became natural, generous, positive and active during the activity. Sunny smiles appeared on their shy faces. They showed their confidence and optimism with body language. After the activity, the children held the volunteer’s hands and didn’t want them to go.

  Through getting close to, accompanying and respecting the special children, the volunteers allowed them to experience the equality, respect, trust, kindness, understanding, tolerance and love among people by sending warmth, giving help and walking into their hearts, helping them to form a positive attitude towards life and creating an emotional experience. The volunteers said that in the future they will give more spiritual comfort to the children in the special education school, and let them truly experience social warmth and care with practical actions.