MCC Overseas Labor Union Organizes and Holds Mountain Climbing Activity
CopyFrom: Date:07 December 2017
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  On November 23rd, to enhance the cultural life of the employees, advocate a healthy and balanced lifestyle, eliminate work fatigue and build up their bodies, the MCC Overseas Labor Union organized and held a mountain climbing activity in Fragrant Hills Park. Over 50 international students from the Tsinghua University School of Public Policy & Management were specially invited to join in the activity, which enhanced the friendship between both sides.

  To further enhance mutual understanding, this activity divided the company’s employees and students into 6 groups. The employees led them on a tour of Fragrant Hills Park. During the activity, they talked with each other, relaxed, indulged in the fresh air and beautiful views, conducted communication and connection about problems in their lives, learning and work, and accumulated experience. This activity also allowed the international students to know more about MCC Overseas and laid a foundation for the future communication and connection between both sides.

  Fragrant Hills Park is a natural mountain forest park with a long history. It has a large number of cultivated plants distributed around buildings and temples, including gingko and Chinese pine, which have been there for a long time. There are many ancient trees. Its traditional ornamental woody plants including peony, magnolia and midget crabapple have grown to a considerable scale, forming such centralized scenic areas as Apricot Blossom Forest and Plum Blossom Valley.

  Everyone agreed that this activity allowed them appreciate the views, exercise and relax, built a platform for them to get to know each other and enhance their communication, further promoted their unity and friendship, increased group cohesion and created a harmonious work atmosphere. In the next step, the Labor Union will hold more activities to enhance the spare time life of the employees according to the actual situation.