MCC Baosteel Technology Volunteers Enter Communities and Convey ‘Good News’ of 19th National Congress
CopyFrom: Date:08 December 2017
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  On December 5th, the 32nd ‘International Volunteer Day’, MCC Baosteel Technology’s Youth League Committee and the Heavy Machinery Branch ’s Labor Union and Youth League Committee established a volunteer team of 15 people to organize a special activity. They went to the Yuepushi Village Community Senior Citizens Activity Center in Baoshan District and conducted a voluntary service activity themed ‘entering communities, caring about the elderly and childless, and spreading the ‘good news’ of the 19th National Congress’.

  Upon the approach of the two festivals, the company’s volunteer team sent early greetings and blessings to community elders over 80 years of age. The Labor Union donated electric kettles, chess sets and packs of playing cards, as well as spring couplets for the community’s senior activity rooms. The volunteer team positively carried forward the spirit of the 19th National Congress, helped the seniors to do whatever was within their ability, chatted with them and cleaned and organized the activity center.

  Heavy Machinery Branch Party Committee Secretary and Labor Union Chairman Zhao Shoujie led the volunteer team, specially visited 84-year-old solitary elder Luo Yuying, gave her rice and oil, delivered the enterprise’s care and blessings, wished for her health and longevity under the 19th National Congress’s glorious policies, brought a ‘Blessing’ character (‘Fu’ in Chinese) symbolizing good luck and happiness, and conveyed the ‘good news’ of the ‘sense of security’ created by the 19th National Congress.

  Baoshan District’s Yuepushi Village has 97 people over 80 years of age. Former employees of the company, they are still devoted to Baosteel (originally MCC Baosteel). Baosteel and Baoshan District’s Yuepushi Village Community have jointly conducted activities for over 10 years, in which time both sides have established a profound friendship. The greeting activity and volunteer action has become an annual part of the elders’ lives. It is the company’s wish to look after the elders and make them happy. The relay baton of the company’s volunteer team has been passed down from generation to generation for the last 10 years. They fulfill the social responsibilities of the company, give back to society with actual activities and promote the harmonious development of society.

  ‘International Volunteer Day’ was passed as a resolution at the 40th United Nations Assembly. Since 1986, December 5th has been International Volunteer Day for Social and Economic Development (‘International Volunteer Day’ for short) every year. It aims to urge national governments to encourage more people to engage in social development and economic construction matters as volunteers through celebrating the day.